10 thoughts on ““Sounds Like Fun, But I’m Busy”

  1. Der Schtumpy

    It must be nice to be so far above the law that you can decline a call from CONGRESS!!!

    If the Benghazi incident, and subsequent cover up, the military absentee ballots being delivered late and it going basically unreported, and the previous 4 years of BS, HS, and foolish ‘S’ in general doesn’t lead us to a civil war, then the parameters that start such things must have changed drastically.

    I think if our elected officials want to act like Banana Republic dictators, then I say we should act like the put upon citizens of a Banana Republic. Hanging, IMO, is WAY too good for the grand majority of them.

        1. Raoul Ortega

          Tell her that she can bring along Sandra Fluke and they can talk as long as they want about a subject that really matters– free contraceptives!!

      1. Der Schtumpy

        But you would think she would want to tell a story about the background and the end of the happenings over there. I’d think shed want to tell SOME story. Either parroting the story the WH told, or the TRUTH.

        Hillary telling the truth, and burying Obama a week into his second stint, telling it right now could or would win her 10M At-A-Girls from people who don’t generally like her. But who might remember her in 2016. I can say I don’t expect her to tell the truth because it’s the right thing to do.

        She’s still Hillary Clinton!

    1. MfK

      “Congress has…budgetary oversight.”

      “Gee, we haven’t passed a budget in 3 years, even though it’s one of the only things we’re required to do? Well, that was just an oversight on our part.”

  2. George Turner

    Well, it is interesting to see Obama’s horrible economic record finally catching up to him. The attrition rate of top-level administration officials who dealt with Benghazi is staggering, probably now exceeding the black teenage unemployment rate. General Ham, General Petraeus, and Hillary are dropping out of the workforce, and if this keeps up the Bureau of Labor Statistics will have to add a note to the next Employment Situation Summary, like they did when all the temporary census workers were let go.

  3. ken anthony

    It may be time to go machiavellian. I’m afraid I can’t say on a public forum, but it involves playing them the way they try (and succeed) to play us.

  4. georg felis

    The last time Hillary testified in Congress, she had such an attack of amnesia it was amazing she remembered her own name. The next time will be no different, she is effectively immune from impeachment and will be outa there in January. I say let Powell be SecState, so Obama knows just what Bush went through.

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