36 thoughts on “Was Petraeus Blackmailed By The White House?”

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  2. “Oh, and by the way, Ricochet? If there’s no second page, please don’t waste peoples’ time and bandwidth putting a link in pointing to it.”

    Ugh, everyone does that–we must split stories into two pages to get the second ad! Frankly, even PJ Media does, and it’s really annoying.

      1. Usually. I’ve (admittedly rarely) seen there be one line, or a link somewhere, or something. And I will acknowledge (and thank you!) for providing the single-page link when possible.

  3. MfK,
    if that was the case, I expect 50 to 60 percent of our elected worms could be forced out.

    What’s odd is that I thought since Slick Willy got away with sexual ‘murder’, I thought this kind of stuff is no big deal.

  4. He was most likely forced by someone into leaving his post yes. However I doubt the instigator was Obama. That it was to be expected that Al-Qaeda would attempt something on 9/11 isn’t news to me. They do the same thing every damned year. They have also tried bombing embassies in Africa before.

    However the same thing could be said for W. Remember the WTC bombing using a truck full of fertilizer when Clinton was President? Thankfully the explosion only damaged the lower levels without affecting the structural integrity of the building. Then there were the US embassy attacks in Africa. Clinton later retaliated with cruise missile strikes at Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan but of course people had to joke the missile strikes were a political diversion maneuver…

    1. Yeah that, and remember when people seriously claimed that 9/11 was an inside job with W. behind the controlled demolition of the WTC towers…

    2. ‘zilla,
      you compare apples and oranges.

      Clinton and Obama get a pass because they are Democrats, “W” is a Republican. Orange you aware of how this works in our political set up now?

      1. Absolutely correct. That’s why this can be going on, and the B-Ho can go golfing with impunity. All he had to do was walk around in a bomber jacket with that fat f**k Christie for a few minutes, and he’s re-elected because he “cares.” And then he plays golf with impunity as the old, the poor, etc. are suffering big time.

        A little different from the way W was treated after Katrina. And his and the B-Ho’s politics were really not different enough to warrant the dripping, vitriolic hatred spewed by the MSM toward W, and the a$$-licking manner in which they treat the B-Ho. The biggest difference by far is R versus D. In fact, Romney is a very decent man, and the B-Ho is at best a jerk, and at worst one of the most evil men in American politics. But the MSM (and our own trolls such as Jim Bob-1 Gerrib-Matula) consider it to be just the opposite.

        So I’ve concluded that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I have now converted to full Left (one giant step beyond going “full retard”). From now on, I join the trolls here on these pages. It will be nice to be able to be a bigot, and yet be able to portray myself as tolerant. I would say “liberating,” but liberty is no longer a value to me…

        1. Do you think Romney sometimes tries to sound moderate (like in the first debate with Obama) and sometimes tries to sound like a “severe” conservative (like in the Republican primary debates)? If so, then you and I agree on Romney — because I think he is a decent man too, other than being a bit two faced in elections.

          Apparently unlike you, I think a person can be on either side of a wide variety of Democrat vs Republican issues without being a “retard”, as you unkindly put it, and without being evil.

          Evidence of decency: Romney’s personal charity, his family life, his care of Seamus (after all, Seamus did ok in the end), and Romneycare — you know, spreadin’ the health around!

          As for Obama’s response to Sandy, what else do you think he should do? Are local officials calling on Obama to do something he isn’t doing? Are local officials, like one you called a f**K, not doing something that you think they should be doing? I read your link – it sounds like assistance workers are trying hard, but there should be more of them. Is that something you approve of paying taxes for that ? How about medical care for the elderly couple cited in the article – you approve of paying taxes for that too?

          1. Obama said he’d keep the sea-level from rising, but people had to wear boots to the bathroom because sea urchins will poke right through fuzzy pink slippers. He lied.

            What did Obama do about the mile-long gas lines and odd-even rationing? He probably asked Steven Chu and Lisa Jackson if the DOE and EPA could expand the program to the rest of the nation.

            Yes, the assistance workers are trying hard, and we’re paying them to help with the clean up, which just shows that Hurricane Sandy managed to put people to work, a goal that has so far eluded Obama.

            But at least we know what it would take to get him off the golf course and actually create a job: an act of God.

          2. I respectfully disagree that Mr. Romney was being “moderate” in the first debate, where he championed a “20 percent tax cut for everybody” plan that was pure Supply Side Theory, a relentless cutting of discretionary spending in the Federal Budget, even if it meant sending Big Bird to a soup kitchen, and a straight-out defense of Libertarianism starting with his neolgism “trickle-down government.”

            The only reason Mr. Romney “sounded moderate” in that debate is that there was a streak of (right-wing) populism in his appeal that caught Mr. Obama off balance because it didn’t fit in with the ads being run against Mr. Romney all summer, so I guess Mr. Obama’s people had to spin that as “Mr. Romney shifting to the center and repudiating his positions in the primaries.”

            From that, I seriously disagree that Mr. Romney was being in the least bit two-faced. Maybe 20 percent tax cut for everybody is in Supply Side Fantasyland, or maybe it is the stimulative jolt that was missing in the ARRA (Commodore Decker had the right idea, but he didn’t have enough power!), but I think Mr. Romney was being sincere.

            So maybe Paul Krugman is right after all that the Stimulus was too small by half and that the Right Wing has it all wrong to be keening about the Deficit in the current anemic recovery. According the the old Vulcan proverb of “it took Nixon to go to China”, maybe Mr. Romney had no intention of closing the Deficit, at least in the near term. I can’t accuse him of being two-faced, but maybe he was playing a balancing act, knowing what really needs to be done and what needs to be said to placate the Right Wing base.

            But I guess we will never know how a Romney Administration would work out, and we shall do the best we can with the partisan divide and muddle through.

          3. What did Obama do about the mile-long gas lines and odd-even rationing?

            This, so yeah:

            He probably asked Steven Chu and Lisa Jackson if the DOE and EPA could expand the program to the rest of the nation.


          4. Bob-1,

            And lets not forget that President Obama modeled his health care program on Governor Romney’s health care program, something the governor did when he was still able to be himself and not be required to veer to the radical right to make the Republican Right happy. The Massachusetts Governor, or even the 2008 Romney, would have easily won this election.

            However Governor Romney learned in 2008 that unless you get the Republican Right on your side you won’t win the nomination. Unfortunately the downside is that once you sell out to them you won’t become President 🙂

          5. It’s perfectly socially acceptable for me to call Chris Christie foul names now. He’s a Republican, and I’m now a far Left Democrat, so it’s okay.

            You aren’t by any chance moving to the racist Right, are you?

  5. “And lets not forget that President Obama modeled his health care program on Governor Romney’s health care program,”

    That’s what Obama said. But like a lot of things he said it simply isn’t true.

    1. Gregg,

      And yet Governor Romney agrees with the President on it…


      [[[“I have experience in health care reform,” he said. “Now and then the president says I’m the grandfather of Obamacare. I don’t think he meant that as a compliment but I’ll take it…I’ve actually been able to put in place a system that fit the needs of the people of my state, and I’m proud of the fact that in my state, after our plan was put in place, every child has insurance, 98 percent of adults have insurance.”]]]

  6. Thomas,
    I don’t understand, are you saying Obama was the (D) candidate because the people chose him based on belief in and support of his ideas.

    But that Romney lost the election because he ‘sold out’ his personal ideals to get the (R) nomination, that his personal ideals aren’t really those of the voters? Because as a long time (R) voter that makes us kind of gullible and easy, to fall for him, doesn’t it?

    1. Well in fact, Schtump, Willard was never a Conservative.


      I wrote here many times he’s a progressive and pointed out the youtube quote where he says it. He firmly rejected Reaganism.

      Thing is, he was considered more electable than the other candidates. And in fact none of those other people could have beaten Obama.

      1. Gregg,

        Yes, for example one thing he did something as Governor was to ban assault weapons.


        Governor Romney stated as he signed it – [[[“These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”]]]

        And yet folks on the right, even the NRA, seem to have forgotten that sad moment… But tell, is that something a conservative governor would do or say?

    1. Bob-1,

      Yes, and if Senator McCain had picked someone moderate with economic experience like Governor Romney he might have won, especially in industrial states like Ohio and Michigan who remember Governor Romney’s dad.

      But he threw away his VP pick just as Governor Romney did his…

      Remember, you never pick a VP to add to your base in a general election, you pick someone who will extend it. Red states were going to go Republican even without Governor Palin, it was the swing states the Senator needed to win.

      1. Isn’t is wonderful to see the Progressive Left so concerned with the well being of their “enemies” that they are willing to offer up after-the-fact advice on what said “enemies” should of done to win. Doesn’t it just warm your heart to hear such selfless advice as that? They do it because they care.

        I look forward to the next four years in their giving the Community-Organizer-in-Chief and his lackeys similar advice on how they could’ve avoided all the scandals that are already torpedoing any second-term agenda He might have had. (An agenda in which the highest priority is probably finding more time to spend on the golf links.)

        So, guys, instead of telling us who McDole should’ve picked for a VP, how about telling us how Hillary! could’ve avoided her upcoming Contempt of Congress citation? And will what works for Holder work for her?

        1. That’s not what I’m doing, that’s what Thomas is doing.

          You and MfK are both asserting that I think Romney is the enemy. I was assuring MfK, and now you too, that I think Romney is a swell guy. McCain is too. They aren’t my enemies. They are moderate and thoughtful and I just disagree with them on some issues. They both became less moderate during the election as they tried to appeal the Republican base, but McCain quickly went back to normal, and I’m sure Romney will too, if we hear from him again.

          1. But now you’ve got me thinking. I think McCain should have picked Lieberman as his VP, since, reportedly, that’s what he really wanted to do in the first place. McCain would have lost anyway, but he would have had much more fun.

        2. Raoul writes:

          “Isn’t is wonderful to see the Progressive Left so concerned with the well being of their “enemies” that they are willing to offer up after-the-fact advice on what said “enemies” should of done to win. ”

          My response to them is:

          1. Gregg,

            Yes, you don’t need the support and votes of lifelong Republicans. Just let them stay home…

            Again, that attitude against the traditional Republican faithful is the core reason the Republicans lost this year. And will keep losing until they wise up.

        3. Raoul,

          So now a lifelong Republican is a “Progressive Leftist” because he dares to speak against the “Great and Noble” Tea Party Republicans and how they are destroying the party.

          And there is the core reason why the Republicans lost.

          Instead of the Tea Party Republicans reaching out to expand their voter base they spend their time isolating themselves by insulting life-long Republicans who disagree with their narrow views. And who, like myself, have been pointing out since 2010 that all they are doing with their narrow views and attitudes is ensuring President Obama would be re-elected.

          And I was right. The Tea Party Republican attitudes and tactics kept “A” Team Republicans like Governor Daniels and Governor Christie from running while driving Governor Pawlenty and Governor Johnson from the race. And likely kept many Republican voters home, seeing no reason to vote for a party that insists on insulting them.

          1. The Tea Party Republican attitudes and tactics kept “A” Team Republicans like Governor Daniels and Governor Christie from running while driving Governor Pawlenty and Governor Johnson from the race.

            Your Tea Party derangement seems to be getting worse by the day. You are posting from some alternate universe.

  7. What’s keeping him from talking now?

    Maybe the Mrs? She is reportedly “beyond furious”. Can’t blame her.

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