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  1. This is Sarah Palin with Katie Couric territory.

    Doesn’t Senator Elect Warren even know how to recite talking points? Let me help you, “Our newly reelected President of the United States, Barack Obama, has outlined the way forward, of maintaining lower taxes on middle-class familes while supporting a modest tax increase on our wealthy citizens with greater ability to pay. As Senator Elect I will not be party to the lame-duck session engaged in important negotiations, but my position is clear, that I stand by President Obama. His is the position on which he gained reelection and the position on which I was elected to represent the people of this Commenwealth.”

    That I know this must mean I am a pretty smart and politically tuned-in person?

    1. That’s an insult to Palin to compare her to Lieawatha. Palin doesn’t have Warren’s Ivy League background but she had years of experience at local and state level politics. Warren is like the last line of the old Robert Redford movie, “The Candidate”. The candidate was manipulated and marketed throughout the movie. When he finally won, the then asked, “OK, now what?” He had no clue about actually doing the job and neither does Warren.

      1. I mean, I am a faculty-type person, not even close to Harvard, but at least I know what the talking points are! Pick me! Pick me! “I stand by our elected President!” “Call upon the wealthy few, to pay just a little bit more in taxes to help our country, a sacrifice that they can well afford.”

        I don’t believe a single word of the above sentiment, but in high school (New Trier, no less — the Secretary of State is Maine Township and you can ask her about New Trier people) I studied Speech and Argumentation and competed in Debate. Just tell me whether I am on the Affirmative or the Negative and start the speech clock.

        This public appearance thing, how hard can this be when I could have done it? Hasn’t this Harvard person ever served on their Faculty Senate and spoken over a microphone — I have and I have done so. Gee, a person should at least serve on Faculty Senate before running for U.S. Senate.

        1. Obama lowered the bar. What exactly had he accomplished before running for senate, much less for president? Take away his Teleprompter and he almost makes George W. Bush sound articulate.

  2. Chief Spreading Bull is hopelessly inept regarding the job of being Senator. Just watch her recent press conference where she had to lean on Deval Patrick for answers to the simplest, most softball questions. Many better Dem candidates were swept aside by the machine to select her. And they stuck by her when she proved to be a congenital liar and gamer of the system


    One theory is that she’s merely a seat warmer for when Joe Kennedy III is ready to move from the House (where he just won a seat) to the Senate – Teddy’s seat.

  3. Sounds like Patty Murray has some completion for Rocket Scientist of the Senate. And like Patty, Liawatha is there for life.

  4. Well Rand you welcome .

    She a seat warmer my guess it the Kennedy Seat , they will want the seat back considering JFK and Teddy both had it with another seat warmer (Smith) between them. Sort surprised they didn’t just have Kennedy Run for it straight but it be a bad match up silver spoon vs a Incumbent working man. Bring in the liberal rock star media darling to reclaim the seat. She conveniently step away and be given a even more cushy job at Harvard probably in charge of a recently named/renamed school/building or something named after a Kennedy.

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