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  1. Out of everything he said, I most heard the comment about jury duty the loudest. People don’t register to vote because they don’t want jury duty? Why don’t they want jury duty? Oh, that’s right, because they’re forced to do jury duty. Why not just call for volunteers? If you don’t get enough jurors, pay them. Remove the coercion and the problem goes away. Of course, if you want to remove all the coercion, you’ll eventually have to get rid of the government funding for the court system, but one step at a time here.

    Actually, it kinda reminds me of another thing: compulsory voting. We have it here in Australia, and guess how serious people taking voting here in Australia? It’s taken as about as seriously as jury duty is in the US. Some of us think that’s a mighty good thing, so maybe you should introduce compulsory voting there in the US and get over this ridiculous obsession with the election cycle.

    1. If you have any form of state-issued ID, you’re on the JD rolls. There’s no point in trying to dodge it. The problem is disinformation among the population.

      Further, any legal adult who can get-by without ID has opportunity costs of zero. For them, $20 per day is a raise.

      1. It’s doesn’t really matter if those who are not registered to vote are wrong about it being an effective way to dodge jury duty, by telling you this they’ve said all they need to say: they’re not interested in your civic duty argument.

        The problem here is the assumption that people who just want to be left alone, somehow have a duty to vote or serve on juries. Bill shows his true colors when he talks about civic duty. The state is the aggressor here, don’t blame the victim.

        1. Yes, understood, but it’s safe to say that the set of individuals who truly abstain from voter registration out of genuine misinformation is non-zero.

  2. We lost a battle, not the war. This was not our Waterloo, it was our Market Garden. We will regroup, re-strategize, and return for our victory. We have to, or all is lost.

    1. So what’s the battle plan going forward? The demographics will get worse. The fraud is likely to get worse. Senators will still be getting elected by cities on welfare rather than as our founders designed. Our education system is lost. Our media is lost. Our government was infiltrated by communists. It’s now being infiltrated by Islamists.

      We now realize that the stupid are the majority apparently.

      Yeah, no choice but to continue the fight, but what’s the plan? How do we get from here to there (even with a good midterm?)

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