20 thoughts on “Just In Case The Petraeus Story Wasn’t Weird Enough”

  1. Regardless of who did what with whom, I am coming to the conclusion that the Obama administration decided to uncork this bottle just after the election to squash any thinking or discussion about Benghazi.

    The administration had all the facts long before the election and knew that it would spread wider and wider…it’s good for a solid month of salacious details. Plenty of time to make people forget Benghazi.

    1. When exactly should it have gone public? They told the intelligence director when the investigation was complete.

      The general public isn’t going to forget about Benghazi because they were never interested in the first place. It’s only a story in the right-wing information bubble (remember, where Romney was going to win by a landslide).

      1. Jim,

        How about when he had all the facts?

        When did Obama find out about Allen, Jim?

        If Petraeus’ actions were a threat to national security, what is wrong with immediately when he found out? Say May.

        What did he know on November 9 that he didn’t know November 5?

        What was learned in those 4 days?

  2. Now we have this:

    U.S. general demoted over ´extravagant trips´
    New York Daily News, by Larry McShane

    I bet there’s even more in the administration’s back pocket…ready to be used at the most propitious time.

  3. In my mind, this is the All-American, 21st Century, (D) / MSM smear version of the Night of the Long Knives.

    You can’t just take them out and shoot them like the Nazis or the Soviets did.

    We don’t have a ‘Siberia’ to ship them off to, or an Eastern Front during the war that Hitler used to some effect. But we do have a well known system for so undermining and defaming a person that they become ineffective and look foolish or immoral or untrustworthy.

    [for WTH ever the word immoral means now…evidently it’s something that only applies to people the (D)’s want to point at or demonize]

    Let’s look at who they have in their sights. The ONLY guy with a proven track record of success in Iraq. The surge worked, and David Patraeus wrote the book. Going back to Viet Nam, too bad he wasn’t a general then IMO.

    And Gen. Allen, the NATO Commander in Afghanistan, is scooped up in part of this sexcapade.

    AND the FBI Agent originally who originally investigated the e-mail tiff, has been pulled because he sent bare chested photos to one of these women. Seriously?

    Now I’m not generally the conspiracy type, (didn’t used to be anyway…) but does it seem a little odd that not one or two but THREE grown men, in positions of responsibility and authority, suddenly lose their minds over the same two women?

    Why do these same two women have three grown men going all gaga over them? From what I can find neither Patraeus nor Allen have this stuff in their past. Could it be pheromones? Could someone inside the CIA, not one of the people who come and go with new administrations, but one of the lifelong employees, have access to and orders to use pheromones that men can’t say no to?

    Regardless then, if the answer is no it can’t happen, why in the last 18 months have these 3 men, who had achieved positions like this, ‘lost it’ over sex or online e-mails ABOUT sex with these two?

    See, here’s my thought on the ‘why’ of it and there has to be a ‘why’.

    If the (D) side can slowly but surely gut the Pentagon, or God forbid make the military despised like after Nam again, then they can cut military spending just like they did then, to use the funds for more midnight b’ball type schemes, or for some other well meaning (but useless) money hand out, then they [think] they win.

    If of course by win, you mean fundamentally change America, which is still the goal of the ghouls at the top.

    1. Hilarious right-wing conspiracy fan fiction. Dems were so angry at Petreaus for succeeding in Iraq that they … made him CIA director! And then brought him down with pheromones!

      1. Jim, you certainly don’t have much appreciation for the Near East. And if you don’t have any cultural kinship with the Near East, you certainly don’t have anything on China.

        Back in 1999, one of my teaching assistants confided his Celestial Kingdom political outlook with me on the strength of my Near Eastern ethnicity. It has also been my experience that people from China know how to pronounce my name — perfectly.

        You know the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the Kosovo War? It was no accident (“natch”) as it was meant to teach “China a lesson” about American power and to dissuade China of any thoughts of repatriating Taiwan.

        You think I am making any of this up? It turns out that one of the great tragedies of America being in the Vietnam quagmire is that Russia and “Red China” were barely on speaking terms. North Vietnam was pretty much a Russian client state and the Vietnam war a Russian project. The Chinese were pretty much just going through the passive aggressive motions of a spouse in a failed marriage state in allowing stuff to be transhipped through China, but there was little love lost between them and Russia or between China and (North) Vietnam, for all that mattered.

        Why was this? Because of the 1968 “Prague Spring” and Russia sending in the tanks to tamp down “Communism with a Human Face.” Wait, wait, just a minute, your are going to tell me, the Prague Spring was a liberalizing program that the Russians felt they had to suppress to keep Communism going whereas China was More Communist Than Thou, far from doing anything of the sort.

        Again, you don’t understand proper conspiracy thinking. You see, Czechoslovakia was going down their own path towards Socialism (as the Communists called their system) and Russia would have none of it. China saw this as “Russia sending a message to China” that Russia was a bully and would tolerate no deviation from their interpretation of Communist doctrine, whether it was Dubcek’s “Communism with a human face” or whatever Leaps Forward and Cultural Revolutions coincided with Chairman Mao’s take.

        It is a great tragedy because if we in the U.S. had a proper insight into this kind of conspiracy theory thinking, we could have known that Communism was far from monolithic, that there were deep divisons between China and Russia, and maybe we didn’t need to be in Vietnam or at least committed in the way we were to prevent Dominos from falling.

      2. By any chance did you READ just exactly WTF I wrote Jim?

        Or did you just skim it for crazy conservative buzz words? Just because this crap doesn’t seem odd to you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stink to high hell to the rest of us. By all accounts Patraeus was in the midst of this affair but no one found out until women stated fighting over Patraeus? Seriously? None of these people are, by 21st Century Beauty Standards, gorgeous or beautiful. And don’t give me any beauty is in the eye crap either.

        In any given group of 3 grown men and 2 women who are acting this way, at least one should be above average in looks, and that’s not happening here.

        And why if no one knew until a week ago outside of Holder’s office and a few FBI Agents, how come no one’s head is rolling or NOT letting the POTUS know his top spy was a HUGE security problem? Jim if this had happened under Bush YOU would be screaming the roof off this site over us not calling for an impeachment.

        And lastly, and for what it’s worth, it’s only been 6 months or so since I read about a university study from Europe somewhere, that was trying to do EXACTLY what I said. they are / were looking for pheromones that would make someone the object of everyone’s desire, just by smell. Of course someone was trying to do it for (LOUD GASP) evil profits, by using it in perfumes and colognes and such things. I saw something along those lines years and years ago where chemists were looking for human pheromones and trying to figure out how to create them chemically in a lab.

        But I asked the question AFTER reading that story recently and having seen the same sort of thing years ago Jim. So go ahead, call me ‘crazy’ for thinking the CIA might just be ahead of the curve, WAY out in front of Estee’ Lauder, Coco Chanel and Right Guard.

  4. Schtumpy,

    There is no getting away from the fact that these guys (Petraeus and Allen) screwed up in a major way. They handed Obama the long knife – Obama chose the best time to use it.

    1. Gregg,
      I’m on board with that. But just because a guy dies from poison, you can’t assume it’s a suicide. It could be murder or it could be an accident. Likewise, just because they are in this mess, I’m finding it hard to believe that with ALL the women these three men come into contact with, they all wound up in this mess together.

      but let’s remember this is the same CIA that denied for over 40 years that it had given LSD to Frank Olson. And as unfortunate as it is to say, I don’t see a rampant amount of integrity in our modern culture that would keep something like that from happening again.

      Maybe pheromones in the room seems like child’s play to Agent 00? now. I don’t know exactly what the CIA does these days, they quit calling me for crazy conspiracy theory vetting. Maybe they’re calling Jim now!

  5. Let’s remember Carney said this:

    “ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Carney: “How is it that the White House didn’t have any idea of this until the day after the election?”

    “Well, I would refer you to the FBI,” Carney responded. “They have protocols in place for when they notify the legislative and executive branches of investigations. It is simply a fact that the White House was not aware of the situation regarding General Petraeus until Wednesday.” “

    1. The thing is, the Obama Administration is not really “long” (an investment term) with respect to transparency, contrary to their assertions early on. That kind of behavior breeds conspiracy thinking and now they can protest their innocence until they turn blue.

      Yeah, yeah, Napolean and never ascribe to malice what can be attributed to incompetence and all of that. But there are so, so many coincidences and questions here.

      Let me give you an example, that the “affair” started after David Petraeus was sworn in as CIA Director. I would be willing to wager that roughly 50 percent of the population (i.e. everyone female), is rolling their eyes on that one, believing in the “conspiracy theory” that the affair had to have started back in Afghanistan.

      You know, lying about sex isn’t really lying as we all know (since the 1990’s, at least), and you mean to tell me that we know anything at all close to the truth on any of this?

      1. But Paul, even if you are right, that means he was ‘letting’ her write her book even though she’s not a published author at that point. Why? With all the people out there with a track record, SHE got the nod.

        Was he looking for someone to write a book about him? I know that there are ghost writers out there who write these kinds of things. So hiring an unknown with no prior experience seems odd for someone as sharp as the General is, or seemed to be up until now.

  6. Dems were so angry at afraid of Petreaus for succeeding in Iraq that they … made him CIA director!

    They needed to blunt his potential.

    He should have gone to the pentagon which means he would have selected new generals for promotion. Obama prefers the current bunch that were losing Iraq. Also, his name kept coming up regarding potential political ambitions (regardless of whether he had them or not).

    Putting him in the CIA did that.

    1. The CIA was the best place to keep him out of the limelight and to tar him later with Obama’s global drone shadow war.

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