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  1. In comments…

    Those huge Romney rallies in the late-campaign swing states –big BIG turnouts, newsmakingly big, astonishingly big and enthusiastic. The election-day lines so long all over the country that they were making big news. Anecedotals by the thousands being picked up by the news industry, individuals avowing they’d never seen anything like this in all their years of voting at their individual precincts.

    Now, the story is, Romney didn’t turn out his voters. The numbers of votes cast were low, turnout fell off compared to the last few elections.

    It don’t make sense, it don’t add up, it’s fishy as all get-out.

    It really does not.

        1. Independents broke big for Romney, but conservatives and libertarians stayed home in a fit of pique.

          Suuuure they did.

      1. Well, one simple thing we could do pretty easily is put little webcams across the street from polling places, record video, and then after the election count how many people went in versus how many votes the location reported. If there’s a serious discrepancy, the video record could prove fraud. I wouldn’t detect votes being swapped between candidates, but it would prevent a place where 500 people walked in from reporting 5,000 votes.

        In Philly there were what, 59 places whose votes were 19,605 for Obama and zero for Romney? Even if everyone was an Obama supporter, which is extremely doubtful, real people don’t do anything with a 99.995% success rate, much less 100.000%

        That’s also a very dangerous level of fraud, by the way. If you official report just 3 Romney votes then hundreds of Romney voters would assume that they were part of the three. If you report zero Romney votes then every one of the hundred Romney voters immediately knows the election was rigged.

        My home town used to have elections rigged to that extent, and after one such election where the two goons showed their power to control the vote count, one of the candidates publically said, “I didn’t get a single vote, and I [i]know[/i] I voted for myself.” The goons eventually lost their grip because the corruption was just too obvious to everyone.

  2. Now that Ogabe has won a second term, and can drop the “moderate” mask, I have, as I’ve noted elsewhere, how the Obama Zombies are going to rationalize it when the economic consequences come home to roost. Of course they may not even bother: as Thomas Sowell, writiing of the “Anointed,” (as he calls them), has pointed out, they don’t really seem to worry much about the economic consequences of their policies, being more concerned about how “progressive” and “enlightened” those policies are. But I wonder how they deal with the problem Margaret Thatcher pointed out about redistributionism: eventually you run out of wealth to redistribute. Do the Obama Zombies just assume the goose will continue to lay golden eggs, no matter how long or hard they throttle it? I’m wondering what the party line will be when there is no more wealth to plunder.

  3. Just heard Obama say, “It’s math. Not Calculus.”

    Calculus is about rate of change. This is an example of where the left lacks perspective.

    Yes, tax rate is a dynamic regarding rate of change.

    This is why we should give him his, “extend Bush tax cuts for under $250k and Clinton rates on those over.”

    The ‘rich’ will figure out what to do and Obama will own it. Let it affect the midterms.

      1. I heard ‘math’ but I could be wrong…

        I know the math pretty well. And it’s – it really is arithmetic. It’s not calculus

        We’re both right. He said both.

        We’re both right. Obama is still wrong.

    1. He still cant bring himself to say the Bush Tax Cuts for the Poor and Middle Class. He doesn’t need to keep using these false stereotypes now that he is elected but he does it anyway so the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy sticks around.

      What would go a long way toward real bipartisanship and compromise? Giving the other side credit for their accomplishments and not demonizing them with lies and slander.

      Why should Republicans go along to get along with Obama if he is a dick to them before negotiations, wont give them credit for anything they do, and then afterwards continues his attacks?

      1. Well, Moby, another possibly unconstitutional device I’d be inclined to support–since the Ogabe/Pelosi/Weed troika has tossed out the Constitution, who cares?–was PJ O’Rourke’s idea for welfare. Instead of the State forcing some people to give other people handouts, the government could just print a kind of food stamp that reads, “Entitles the bearer to one free meal, payable by any liberal.”

    1. Well I am surprised Rand hasn’t congratulated Elon Musk on winning Motor Trends Car of the Year Award. I guess he is still too bummed out about the election to post any good news items. I mean its a huge honor to an entrepreneur to beat out all the old car firms in Europe and Detroit with his electric sedan.


      Yes, Elon deserves a big congratulation for winning.

      Which is why Fox Business taking advantage of the award to attack him was so sad.

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