The Cost Of ObamaCare

It will be $1.79/hour/employee:

These changes are spelled out in the 2,572-page law, but many more changes will be imposed by regulations yet to be written. The Obama administration is adding federal workers at a rapid pace to churn out and enforce new rules. The government’s own projections say the cost of health-care administration — bureaucrats telling doctors and patients what to do — will soar from $29 billion when President Obama was first elected to $71 billion by 2020, some $40 billion dollars a year more in bureaucracy.

What a shame: That’s enough money to buy private health plans for fully half of all Americans who are now uninsured because they can’t afford it.

Don’t be silly. That wouldn’t grow Leviathan, and give the government control over our lives.

That crashing sound you hear is people being dropped from coverage, and having their hours reduced, in some cases to zero.

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    1. Thomas, 10-14 cents a pie is in the same ballpark as $1.80 per employee-hr.

      As a kid, I used to put out about 30 pies an hr. with four employees. That would be $0.75 to $1.05 per person-hr. Of course, that included a full salad, soup and sandwich bar as well. Don’t know quite how that latter affects the calcs.

      To do that I had to cook 8 pies at a time in a 6 pie oven!

      1. Ken,

        I am not saying it cheaper, merely that Rand doesn’t have to use a rag like the New York Post to make a point. There are better quality sources like Forbes.

        But it does also get down to cost/benefits and not just costs. Will part time employes have the same productivity as full time? Or will the productivity losses from switching employees to part time, including increasing turnover, out weight the savings from not have to pay for health insurance.

        It will be interesting a year from now to compare the performance and stock prices of firms that follow this strategy of going to more part time employees versus fewer full time employees. I suspect as with out sourcing it won’t be a clear cut case but the benefits will depend on several other factors.

        1. Yep, all the companies I own and my competitors (well, the ones we are on speaking terms with) are doing this as well.

          But, of course, it’s not Obama’s fault. It’s just us evil businessmen… were just being evil, like always.

        2. It’s not just cost/benefits. That’s looking at it only from the employers perspective. The employees are going to need to take two jobs to get a decent income. Fine when you’re young (I had three jobs while attending tech. school… I don’t think I slept those years) but not so easy as you get older (or in this job market.)

          Actually, more part time employees makes scheduling easier for the employers. Giving full time work is something those hard hearted employers have never needed to do. It’s the workers that suffer… imagine that, Obama hurting workers?

        3. Well, that’s assuming you can find any restaurant chains still in business that aren’t doing it. An interesting comparison will be to compare chains that donated heavily to Obama vs those that didn’t and see how many of each are cutting hours.

  1. Another thing to consider with part time employees is the hours. Not hours worked but when those hours are worked. One job may be from 9-3. Then you need to find either an early morning job or a job that will give you hours in the evening. Splitting the day like this between two jobs leaves little time for anything else, like school or family.

    Part time used to be 15-20 hours a week but now it is 30-35 hours.

  2. Not to forget that part of the ploy is to selectively offer wavers. This is tyranny, pure and simple. We have an American foundation that tries to be about equal justice.

    Justice has been abandoned with the implementation of this law.

    People that do not understand this are fundamentally not American.

    When the majority of Americans are not, does America still exist?

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