4 thoughts on “The Book Business”

  1. There’s a lot to be said for independent electronic self-publishing. I have yet to take the plunge myself, mostly because I’m graphically challenged and find the notion of creating a cover very daunting. However, if one is concerned about which traditional publishers will survive, a contract that is very explicit about electronic rights is obviously important. Createspace seems to offer copyediting and other services (including covers).

  2. I’m admittedly biased, but right now indie publishing is the way to go. Besides all the well-known royalty advantages, in this environment the biggest advantage is keeping your rights. It’s a safe bet that more publishing houses will be merging or even going bankrupt. Having the rights to your work tied up as assets in a corporate bankruptcy would be a living nightmare.

    Getting noticed is always the hard part, but you already have an “author platform” that many of us would give our right arms for.

    But if you’d rather not have to pay up front for editing, cover art, book design, etc. then maybe one of the Amazon imprints could help you out?

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