3 thoughts on “Post-Election Revelations

  1. Chris L

    This administration didn’t even bother to wait for a second term to become arrogant and complacent. They were ready on day 1.

  2. ken anthony

    Forgot to tell us? They’re offended we even ask. By ‘they’ I mean both the media and the admin.

    I expect better from the investigators on our side.

  3. Karl Hallowell

    It seems to me that most such terms start with a bait and switch. There’s a near universal interest in hiding negative things till after the election. I’m personally more interested in what the Obama administration tries than in the stuff they’ve hidden so far. Sure, there could be a particularly juicy secret still out there, but so far this is the usual Obama administration incompetence and corruption. It’s just been collecting behind the election day dam for a few months and released at once.

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