5 thoughts on “I, Pencil”

  1. A good start to educating the masses.

    Some rich person ought to buy ad space at movie theaters (now that they are playing ads instead of Bug Bunny cartoons), and have it played before the movies. Or a group of not-so-rich people

  2. Besides the fact that she makes all the State-shtuppers angry, Sarah Palin impressed me favorably by citing “I, Pencil”–the original essay by Leonard Read of the Foundation for Economic Education*–in one of her books. All the “smart” people who make fun of Palin probably are too dumb to get it. (And that includes you, Tina Fey!) In the kingdom of the blind, etc.

    *Quick–Chris Gerrib, Jim, Bob-1, Moby Matula–cut out the coupon and mail it to FEE instanter! You really nead their tutorials, ASAP!

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