Good News For Israel

Sort of

What the official characterized as “the implosion of the Arab world” would make it much harder for Arab countries to mount a conventional threat against the Jewish state, he said. “Between the alternative of having our enemies divided or united, we prefer to have them divided,” he added. “The states put together after World War I by Mr. Sykes and Mr. Picot won’t hold together. We are finding out that Arab countries aren’t really countries in the first place. Libya turns out to be not a country, but a collection of 140 tribes. And we hardly need talk about what is happening in Syria.”

He added, “The clout of the Arab League is falling, and Arab oil is becoming less important.” After the 1967 war, he observed, the Arabs consoled themselves for their defeat by asserting that time was on their side. “Now, no-one can say that time is on the side of the Arabs. They are in danger of disintegration. Time is on nobody’s side. Time is on the side of whoever prepares best for the future.”

It’s bad news, though, for the people of the Arab world. Of course, there’s never been a good time for them.

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  1. He can console himself on his shortsighted analysis. I can provide my own:
    1) Egypt used to be under control by secular military personnel and was aligned with US interests and at peace with Israel. Today it is under control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their history speaks for itself.
    2) Libya used to be under control of Gaddafi which was another secular military leader. The worst offense he made was to sponsor terrorism two decades ago. The regime was isolated. Today it is a hotbed of terrorist activity which will likely spread to nearby countries. Southern Algeria was already pretty much unstable as it was. Algeria has natural gas reserves which are being pipelined for the supply of Spain, Italy and soon France as well. The other main natural gas supplier for Europe is Russia. Guess which country is on the opposite side of the Libyan border?
    3) Syria was a regime which was allied with Iran which is an isolated country under sanctions with mostly obsolete material and which they don’t share a border with. It will fairly soon be aligned with either Turkey or Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have already been busy annexing other countries along their border. Of course you don’t usually read about it on the news. Some may have doubts about who is sponsoring Al-Qaeda but I sure don’t.

    The result will not be division but union. The Saudis will be more in control of the Muslim world in the Middle East and their alternative will be the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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