7 thoughts on “Heckuva Job, Brownie”

  1. Well when you subsidize something you get more of it. In Bronco Bama’s world we spend money to get out of debt, put more people on welfare to stimulate the economy, and achieve fairness by creating a protected class that’s above the law.

    Oh well, guess I’ll bury my woes in a box of Ding Dongs…….oh wait, NO MORE FUCKING DING DONGS?!11? WTF!!!

    1. Let’s see. If they isolate the poor, by putting the pretty people in enclaves (along the coast, maybe, or in places with scenic views of the mountains) where the poor aren’t allowed (except as help) and by finding some way of driving out the middle class then the poor won’t see anyone around who is better off then they are and won’t get too resentful and won’t revolt. Now, if California could only figure out some way of driving out the middle class they’d be all set.

  2. Bronco Bama

    If this doesn’t go away soon I’m going to have to put my 1996 Ford Bronco (originally sold in Alabama) up for sale.

    Or take it into the woods and torch it.

    1. Strip the logo and put some Honda Civic stickers on there. A huge spoiler is required. Put it wherever it’ll fit. Then you’ll have a proper rice car. Nobody will be able to figure out that you’re not driving a souped up, high performance Honda Civic!

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