Propaganda Warfare

It’s always to be expected in war, but when it comes from the Palestinians:

Here is the head of Hamas, whose boys systematically fire from the midst of civilians — in order to create civilian casualties they can then blame on Israeli counter-strikes — exploiting a death directly caused by his men, in order to appeal to western sympathy. It would be hard to imagine a more stunning portrait of the most depraved hypocrisy (and contempt for viewers who believe this display of compassion).

It is hard to imagine a more grotesque expression of a mutual corruption: trying to demonize your enemy before an outside audience whom you expect to side with you in the name of empathy for the very children you victimize. How disordered the emotional and moral world of the masterminds of this kind of manipulation must be.

…the leftist media eat it up like ice cream in August in Gaza.

7 thoughts on “Propaganda Warfare”

  1. I don’t understand why you are surprised about this. The casualties are in the arms of Allah and the infidels are hurt by the bad publicity. I have seen an article tonight by their propaganda arm about Israeli terrorism.

    You either retreat in the face of this or advance.

    1. I don’t understand why you are surprised about this.

      And I don’t understand why you think that I’m surprised by this.

      Because I pointed it out, once again? 😉

      1. It’s useful to keep pointing it out, again and again.

        Saddam used exactly the same tactics during the first gulf war. And they continue to work because the media and the public continue to be naive. I see 20 somethings and college students just eat this up with a spoon with not even the slightest attempt at critical reasoning. Sites like reddit that are dominated by that demographic are anti-israeli echo chambers. Worse yet, you get people who still believe that the US has troops in Iraq.

        They believe whatever fits the narrative.

  2. So I’m listening to the BBC radio news feed over the local NPR station on Saturday (yes, two strikes right there), and

    1) The news announcer blares out that 11 people have been killed, including children, from a certain air strike into Gaza. And at the end there’s a fast mention that that was the home of a Hamas bigwig, who was there at the time & killed also, BTW…

    2) A few minutes later, the announcer is interviewing the BBC’s _own correspondent_ about how if the above incident happened, that Israeli intelligence must be bad since they killed so many people. The correspondent hesitates, saying something like, uh, gee, no it’s actually excellent, look at the way they took out that head of the Hamas military (or whoever it was) with no harm to anyone else last week, but in this case the guy was sitting in his apartment.

    An all too obvious case of the guy in London telling the correspondent to “get with the narrative that Israel are the bad, indiscriminate killers.” But it’s still hard to get over how blatant they are about this stuff over and over again.

  3. It is unlikely that the anti-Israel crowd would think any differently of Israel if they used proportional force like suicide bombers, unguided rockets directed at civilian populations, targeted killing of civilians with guided rockets, ect.

    The same could be said if Israel started parading around dead people for the cameras or staging fake events. For one it would be harder for Israel because they have less people dieing. But no one in the media looks at why that is.

    Israel closes schools so that when they are hit with rockets classrooms full of kids don’t die. Israel warns its populace of incoming missiles and then moves them to bomb shelters. There are less deaths because Israel works to prevent them.

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