6 thoughts on “That Fiftieth Employee”

  1. Bottom line is that there’s a $40,000 or greater hit per year for hiring that 50th employee and an additional $2,000 or greater hit from each additional employee hired past that point, just from this facet of Obamacare. And this penalty is adjusted for inflation each year.

  2. Would anyone in the US believe that shooting semi-randomly into crowds in our cities would be an acceptable law enforcement strategy? I wish I could say that is not what we are doing “over there” but, as the media no longer have any interest in exposing our “collateral damage”, I really have no idea.

    We needed a Republican president if only so that the MSM would do its effing job. Sadly, we won’t know now until an aggrieved party stages a spectacular show of death and destruction like 9-11 in one of our major urban centers for payback. Sadly, given how those locales viciously turned on GWB after they perceived the danger had passed, and raised the current Keystone Cop regime into power… I find it difficult to even care.

  3. And as reported elsewhere, the number of people hired for a full 40 hours per week will continue to decline.

  4. Back on July 1, 2012, we created full-time positions in our department for the first time in the history of the department/program. Until that point, all employees were considered part-time, non-benefits-eligible employees, even though most of them worked 45-50 hours/week.

    The reason we created full-time, benefits-eligible positions was because some policy related to Obamacare said that any employee averaging more than 29.5 hours/week in a fiscal year was required to receive benefits or a penalty would ensue.

    So now, instead of 45 employees sharing a workload of 35-45 hours/week each, we have 11 employees working 65-70 hours/week, and 38 working 15-29 hours/week, and even some of those are deliberately attempting to work 30 hours/week to force the issue to get coverage.

    The thing is, most of the benefits that people wanted were time off, not health care, because their spouses all have better plans than what we offer, so now 1/4 of our staff is overworked, and 1/2 of the staff is pissed that they still don’t have benefits, while the other 1/4 are mostly retirees that just work there to get out of the house and make “beer money”.

    What a cluster…

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