A Media-Caused War

CNN, among others, has childrens’ blood on its hands:

By participating in this pas de deux, the media are complicit with Hamas in that killing and maiming because it is done for them. It happens so the media can report it. They might be shocked to hear it, but if they stopped to think for a second, the media would realize that the war, on Hamas’ part anyway, would not exist if no one publicized it. Without publicity, Hamas couldn’t be less interested. And the Israelis, unprovoked, would never send a single missile into Gaza. Everyone knows that.

So Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the others fight for the benefit of the media. That’s it. That’s their sole motive — to show Israel as brutal with the help of the press. They live for the Israelis to make a mistake — and if the Israelis don’t, they invent one.

By participating in this charade, the media are effectively racist, treating the Palestinians like “ignorant wogs” from the days of British imperialism, incapable of taking care of themselves or of making a decent society for themselves. The media portray the Palestinians as victims, therefore encouraging Palestinian victimhood.

They are also “objectively pro-fascist” in Orwell’s term, because Hamas is an Islamofascist organization and they are doing Hamas’ will.

CNN et. al. rarely report the obvious — that if Hamas devoted a tenth of the time and money to hospitals, schools, and other civic institutions that they do to amassing an arsenal of 12,000 missiles and whatever else, the Gaza Strip would flourish like a paradise.

Because that would be the wrong narrative.

4 thoughts on “A Media-Caused War”

  1. When you live in the sort of delusional world that they do they cannot possibly understand what they are doing. It genuinely does not occur to them that they could be promoting anything so malevolent. The belief that wars come from lack of communication and misunderstanding is too deeply entrenched.

    I speak for the majority of the US press here, but not those like Ben Wiedermann and almost the entirety of the foreign press who know exactly what they are doing. But they actually live in the real world and they are why it is such a horrible place.

  2. I am so spitting mad about the whole thing, that Hamas exists to eliminate Israel, and Israel doesn’t try to eliminate them first. It’s common sense. Would any other nation that suffered decades of similar attacks allow the attacking organization to exist?

  3. It is a situation where not only do they have no penalty, but are actually rewarded. I’m afraid adults are no longer in charge.

    The solution is going to be societally painful and unlikely to happen anytime soon. That pain would be much less than letting it continue, but that isn’t transparent enough to change anything. Well, pointing it out as you did does help, but what will it take to actually motivate change?

    Until adults are back in charge (not likely on our present trajectory) this will not be fixed.

  4. Fox just ran an article on the staged scenes and fake footage being used by Hamas. Some of the children shown as victims of Israeli strikes where also seen in footage from Syria taken weeks ago.

    Interestingly, they mention that the Arab world in general is not okay with showing images of dead people, and that Hamas’ antics are hurting its reputation (if that’s even possible).

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