8 thoughts on “Nuts And Seeds”

  1. “The bad news is that they’re expensive, but perhaps increased demand will spur more production and ultimately bring down prices.”

    Baghdad Jim, Chris Gerrib, and Moby Matula are reading this and thinking, “Hmmm . . . if this is so, it almost sounds like there’s some economic law or something at work here! Why didn’t teach it to us in school?”

    Bob-1 meanwhile thinks, “That sounds like Simberg is pushing that supply-and-demand business again. That’s almost as racist as logic.”

  2. Actually the high price is because its a hard nut to crack 🙂


    [[[ This extremely hard shell also plays a part in the high cost of macadamia nuts. It is extremely difficult to crack open the shell without breaking the nut inside. This also is why macadamia nuts found in the shell are anywhere from forty to eighty percent cheaper than shelled kernels.]]]

    Key to lowering costs will be developing a way to crack them cheaper, especially for homes as they break most commercial nut crackers being used.

    1. Somebody figured out how to render cashews edible (insert Homer-style drool sound), so anything is possible.

  3. Rand,
    when I’m doing the paleo thing I always miss pasta or even rice. In the last year though I started eating quinoa, even though I’m not currently doing the caveman thing. As far as I can tell, it’s allowable as a paleo food.

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