Safe Is Not An Option

I’ve belatedly launched my Kickstarter project to publish my book on our irrational attitudes toward safety on the high frontier. I’ve put a short fuse on it — just fifteen days to raise four grand. I’d like to raise a lot more, to really publicize the thing, but that’s the minimum I need to have a quality product, I think.

Everyone who contributes at least five bucks will get some form of the book. Please consider donating generously, if you want to see this get more attention in the new year.

16 thoughts on “Safe Is Not An Option”

  1. Hi Rand, I’d like to contribute and get a paper copy but you’re only shipping within the US. Is international postage doable?

    1. Kickstarter allows you to donate more than the asking price. I don’t want to speak for Rand, I’m sure if you kick in the extra bucks Rand can find an FedEx slip. You should probably mention what country you live in so Rand can guess how much the postage would cost.

        1. I’ll never forget the day in class the teacher brought out his new book and someone in class found a typo on the first page. The man was pissed.

  2. I will contribute. BTW have you considered doing a blog bleg for the editing proof reading as an alternative to hiring an editor?

    1. If by that you mean just posting the thing and letting everyone have at it, no. It would essentially be letting everyone read the book for free, and the process would be chaotic. I’m not looking for people to find typos, or historical nits (it’s already been heavily reviewed by a few others for the latter), but actual professional editing. I don’t think it will cost that much.

      1. Rand,

        No, I wasn’t suggesting you crowd source it (i.e. post it). What I was suggesting was that among your many blog readers there are probably retire/semi-retired tech writers/editors.

        Perhaps you could trade X number of copies for their services… Or maybe divide the editing among several.

  3. Rand,

    FYI you might also want to check out this new crowd funding site dedicated to raising funds for book publishing.

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