3 thoughts on “Hillary’s “Farewell Tour””

  1. I was watching MSNBC (OK, OK) live showing the Secretary of State and the Egyptian counterpart make some kind of announcement about the Gaza strife.

    I mean, you have a woman representing the post powerful country on the planet. Please, please, get her to do something with here hair!

    If I was a man were representing the most powerful country on the planet, would I appear side by side with the Egyptian secretary, sporting my Erwin Corey hair and 3-day beard growth. Um, probably, yes, as it would be proper appearance for a male in a majority Islam country.

    No. I would have my hair neatly trimmed, and I would wear the best business suit I could afford. Maybe I would wear a fringe of facial hair in deference to host country sensibilities, but I would be looking like a school marm. The school marms I work with all look better than the Secretary of State. It is disrespect to the countries she visits.

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