6 thoughts on “The Twinkie Curtain”

  1. Yes, they don’t have the Florida Sugar Lobby raising their costs of production.


    Did Congress kill the Twinkie? The tariff tale behind the Hostess demise.

    I expect you will see Grupo Bimbo buy up the Hostess brand family and move production of their high sugar lines like Twinkies to Mexico where they won’t have the high cost of sugar to deal with.

    For those unfamiliar with Grupo Bimbo it is the Mexican multinational that owns Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, and Thomas’ English Bagels.

    The Twinkie will go on 🙂

  2. I’m ok with that. I live where you can buy m Mexican Coke and it’s far superior to the regular stuff. Perhaps Mexican Twinkies would taste better.

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