The Phrase The Media Won’t Use

Hamas is engaging in war crimes (as have the “Palestinians,” for decades). Yet it is Israel being ridiculously and harshly criticized, despite the fact that it works harder, spends more money, and risks more of its own lives than any other nation (with the possible exception of us) to minimize collateral damage that is entirely the fault of the war criminals.


3 thoughts on “The Phrase The Media Won’t Use”

    1. As cynical as this may sound, LeMay wasn’t a war criminal because we won. Had we lost, he might’ve been convicted as a war criminal. However, indiscriminate bombing of population centers was a common practice in WWII. The Germans indiscriminately bombed Poland, England and other countries. England’s night bombing campaign against Germany was pretty indiscriminate, too. “Bomber” Harris in particular was convinced that killing the civilians who worked in German factories was a legitimate tactic. He was quoted as saying something along the lines of, “It takes 3 years to build a factory and 20 years to grow a factory worker.” And of course, we bombed the crap out of the Japanese.

      The rules have changed since then, though.

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