8 thoughts on ““Blue” Science”

  1. The source of all science denial is postmodernism in western culture. In his book, “Postmodern Times”, Veith first bashes postmodernism for it’s use by the left to elevate the irrational to serious consideration to push “meaningful” economic and race theories as well as politicizing science but then approves it’s use for religious indoctrination.

    If you want to get back to a modern POV vis a vis science, the tumor you need to target resides in western university humanities departments, not the churches.

  2. “If solar socialism is bad, why is nuclear socialism OK?”

    Well… because the latter actually has a prayer of making a substantial contribution to our energy supply?

    1. Bart, now you’re being rational like our founders that had reasons for who they gave the right to vote. Don’t you know it’s more important to give the vote to people with feelings?

    2. “So far, so good. But then the GOP platform notes that no new nuclear plants have been built in 30 years and calls for “timely processing of new reactor applications currently pending at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.” Does this mean nuclear power is a “winner”? There is not a word about why taxpayers should serve as nuclear power venture capitalists, funding billions in federal loan guarantees. If solar socialism is bad, why is nuclear socialism OK?”

      Am I missing something? How is timely processing of new reactor applications equivalent to “picking a winner,” or asking taxpayers to “serve as nuclear power venture capitalists?”

      If I ask the DMV to hurry up with that driver license, is government then a motorist venture capitalist?

      1. Actually I would say that the GOP platform statement is completely consistent with “not picking winners and losers” since the current roadblock in processing applications is effectively government picking a loser and eliminating it does not equal picking a winner.

  3. “The amount of power produced by wind turbines has indeed doubled since Obama took office, from 52,000 gigawatt-hours in 2009 to 139,000 gigawatt-hours over the last 12 months.”

    Wow! Equivalent to nearly five days worth of oil consumption!

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