Anti-White Bigotry

…goes mainstream:

Let’s examine this argument carefully. The Post acknowledges that “we can’t know their hearts.” But it finds a (literally) prima facie reason to suspect them of invidious motives: Almost all of them are persons of pallor. The Post is casting aspersions on Duncan and his colleagues based explicitly on the color of their skin. And it is accusing them of racism!

A couple of other items related to race and politics caught our attention over the Thanksgiving weekend. First, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., an Illinois Democrat and CBC member, resigned from Congress “amid federal ethics investigations and a diagnosis of mental illness,” as the Chicago Tribune reports. That sets up a special election to fill the vacancy:

Some Democrats quickly offered to broker a nominee to avoid several African-American contenders splitting the vote in the heavily Democratic and majority black 2nd Congressional District, which could allow a white candidate to win.

This passes with neither editorial comment nor a disapproving quote. It’s hard to imagine the same absence of reaction if a group of pols offered “to broker a nominee” with the goal of preventing a black candidate from winning a white-majority district.

I’m getting very tired of being accused of racism by virulent racists. They are the party of slavery. They are the party of the Klan and Jim Crow. They are the party that pushes gun control, and Davis-Bacon, and minimum wage, all of which were originally justified as a means to protect white people from blacks. And now they’re the party keeping the blacks on their new inner-city plantations. But I’m the racist.

[Update a few minutes later]

The WaPo‘s dreams of Dixie.

It is amusing (and infuriating) to recall that Condi Rice was opposed by (former?) Klansman Bob Byrd.

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  1. I have said publicly that we should not accept hate speech; when you hear someone using it, react and tell them it is innappropriate. I shocked the hell out of someone by doing so in an LA restaurant recently when I overheard them saying all people who signed the secessionist petition were doing it for racist reasons. Personally, I will give no quarter on this one. When I hear the ‘Racist’ claim, I have and *will* give them an in their face “BULLSHIT”.

    1. excellent thing to do but if I were in that situation I would also accuse them of stereotyping, bigotry, intolerance and hate speech to their faces.

      Bullies are never thwarted if they are not confronted.

  2. “I’m getting very tired of being accused of racism by virulent racists. ”

    Who isn’t? But it seems to really work for them. I used to think that when they play the race card all the time that it would lose it’s power. Especially since it’s applied in some astonishing ludicrous ways.

    Doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Of course it doesn’t help when conservatives and the GOP only complain to each other. Better to set up an interview with the Ed Schultzs and Rachel Maddows of the world, and CNN, and challenge them hard, directly, and with preparation.

    John Sununu showed how it’s done. It has to be done by everyone, everywhere. otherwise the left’s broad paint brush stands.

    If they can ask Rubio how old the earth is, why can’t we ask if Sebelius or some other lefty pol is ok with abortions of a 9 month old, fully capable, fetus if there’s no threat to the health of the mother?

    That’s why we lost…we aren’t doing that.

  3. You and many of your commenters were eager to criticize me when I posted here over the years, but you were silent (or, at best, extremely circumspect) about outright racist Bruce Lewis. You regularly call for Communists and Nazis to be ostracized, but you weren’t interested in ostracizing an outright racist.

    Dale Amon, above, says ” when you hear someone using it, react and tell them it is innappropriate.” Fine advice. Apparently it doesn’t apply to outright self-confessed racist Bruce Lewis.

    For me, this is where the party ends.

    1. Bob-1, when are you going to end your racist slurs? By your standards, how should we confront you?

    2. In America, the one thing all black people have in common is that they have to put up with racists.

      Who exactly it the outright self-confessed racist Bob?

      And why are you partying?

    3. Ah, I see my fears were completely unfounded, as Rand suggested. Bob came back to continue to make an ass of himself. Again Bob demands homogenous agreement to his views or else. And what’s the else? That he ends his appearance at the party, which I assume means participation in this blog.

      Oh, this thread will need to be permalinked to all future responses from bob.

        1. LOL, bob is referencing racist songs now. Bruce is right, bob sees everything as raciss! hilarious bob. What other racist tunes do you listen too?

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