The New Science Committee Chair

…will be Lamar Smith.

Sigh. I wonder who will be the chairman of the space subcommittee?

Someone should point out to him that the SLS is eating the budget for a lot of JSC programs, and that it isn’t needed to launch Orion or to go beyond LEO.

3 thoughts on “The New Science Committee Chair

  1. Mark R. Whittington

    That sort of entreaty would likely fall on deaf ears, so wide of the mark that it is. But be comforted, certain people are in a twist because Smith is a global warming skeptic.

  2. Edward Wright

    While Lamar Smith was not my first preference for chairman, I still have some hopes that things might change.

    Not necessarily at the 60,000-foot level of SLS, but a lot of the new commercial space companies are located in, or relocating to, Texas. So, he might be open to ideas that would help some of the smaller programs like Centennial Challenges and Flight Opportunities.

    Also, it isn’t just the committee chair that’s changing. There’s a huge turnover on the Science Committee this year.

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