Cyber Monday

I know that it’s Wednesday, but Amazon is extending the deals all week, including lightning deals that change every hour. Also, check out the Christmas (not “holiday”) Corner.

I appreciate the purchases that folks have made through the site so far this month, particularly the iPod Touch and Kindle. Also, I notice that someone bought Jake Tapper’s must-read new book on Afghanistan. I hope that more do. Here’s an interview with him about it over at National Review Online.

3 thoughts on “Cyber Monday”

  1. I’m thinking of buying my wife an espresso machine for Christmas and was looking at the ones they have on Amazon, if I go that router I’ll purchase through Transterrestrial. But I’ll have to do so using Chrome as the Amazon search box isn’t showing up here via Firefox …. strange.

  2. You don’t need to use the Amazon search box. Just follow any link in this post, and then go look for what you’re looking for. As long as you enter Amazon from here, I’ll get credit.


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