Safe Is Not An Option

Clark Lindsey, who got an early draft (and the most recent one), has a review of the book. There are only five days, left, and we’re still short over a thousand dollars. And the more I can exceed the goal, the more I’ll be able to promote this.

[Update early evening]

I just realized that I’ve left out a crucial quote in the book, from an eighties teeshirt. Not sure where to put it, though, but I definitely have to include it.

“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. The Rest Of Us Will Go To The Stars.”

Might even be on the cover…

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    1. Accidents are also a great excuse for President Commissions and Congressional Hearings to grand stand for voters at the expense of NASA administrators and engineers…

        1. I don’t know about Trent, but I am. I “discovered*” that site in late December 2010, just a few days before my birthday. I bought myself an L2 subscription as a birthday present. A year later, I re-upped with a lifetime subscription.

          The “Old School” historical photo thread is practically worth the subscription price all by itself.

          *When I attempted to register in late December 2010, I learned that I had already registered in June 2007. I have no recollection of that, and I never commented in all that time. I don’t know what motivated me to register in the first place, and I apparently failed to notice the forum section. Then I went away and totally forgot about it. Why would I have gone to the trouble to register, but never comment? It’s a complete mystery to me.

  1. Ten bucks closer, Ain’t got much, but when this comes out and I’m saving up so my nephews can go to space I can at least point to the book and say that I had some small part in pushing that option forward.

    Thanks for that gift this christmas rand. 🙂

  2. Now that should be the subtitle. I’d still like to send you $99 but still have no credit card to do it with. About the only way I’ve got to send any money is a postal money order. I have the money (a rare event) just no method of payment.

      1. That’s what I had that expired. I called them and they said they couldn’t change the address on my card to get my renewal. I can get a new one, but that involves borrowing a car and driving over a hundred miles round trip (unless I can find some local business that offers them which is not likely in this small town?) I will do that Monday if I can.

        When your credit is bad (I have lots of unpaid hospital bills) you can’t even open a bank account (I tried just so I could help Rand reach his goal.)

        1. I say I can get a new one, but it does require an application that may not be approved. Another possibility is for me to contact my brother-in-law in CA and have him contribute and I’d pay him? Simple would be nice, but they do want to keep the boots on the neck of us poor dead beats.

          A note to those that saying, “pay your bills!”, I spent two hours in a hospital because they badgered me saying I was going to die. I didn’t die. They didn’t do anything but parade people from different departments to come by and say “Hi.” Once I realized the scam I signed myself out. That bill was within a few hundred dollars of half my annual income… for two hours of bed rest.

  3. Rand, I’ve funded at $100 already, but if you don’t get over the top by Monday morning I’ll kick in another Benjamin or two.
    In the meantime I can see about having our female cat Clementine do some hustling on the street for a little cash…

  4. Another thought, FWIW. Have you reached out to Jerry Pournelle at Chaosmanor? He has a large, pro-space audience, and a mention by him might help.

  5. The quote was from Ben Bova and OMNI Magazine and I may still have one of the original buttons somewhere. I seem to remember they were a silver color.

  6. Rand, is the dead tree version paperback or hardcover? I’d go for a hardcover version if possible, but I’ll take a paperback if that’s all that’s available.

    For years I bought paperbacks because they were cheaper, but when I discovered Brodart, I now buy hardcovers whenever possible and enjoy Brodarting the dust jacket.

    1. That will be a function of how much I raise. If it’s not significantly beyond the goal, it will likely be paperback. It’s probably only 130 pages or so.

  7. You have hit upon the precise nature of the myth of human spaceflight: it is a misplaced eschaton, a deformed spirituality.

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