3 thoughts on “Palau”

  1. Global Climate Change!

    Obama’s racist critics caused this!

    Wascally Wight-Wing Wepubwicans are out to kill thousands that refuse to vote for them!

    …or something like that. Seriously, we doubt it – or any deaths – make it on the news or past page 8. Even Sandy and FEMA’s craptacular response are non-issues out here on the Left Coast.

    1. Somebody will try to milk it for AGW. I can hear the shamans already: “The goat gave birth to a two headed kid. Do you finally believe the Gods are angry with us now?” It is so disappointing to have to contend with such primitives in this day and age. We were supposed to have flying cars and moon colonies by now.

  2. Palau is pretty mountainous, although it does have some surge sensitive coastal areas, especially on the side that’s storm’ard.

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