15 thoughts on “Eco-Terrorists And Asteroid Miners”

  1. Ball bearings are expensive.

    Ben Bova provide some good examples of future space weapons in his three volume asteroid war series. Laser drills made good weapons as did ship loads of crushed rock tossed at high speed towards their target 🙂

  2. I read it a while ago. Appreciated the setting, as there is very little near-future space sci-fi coming out, but the book as a whole wasn’t very good.
    Still worth the time, especially at the Kindle price.

  3. On the subject of sci-fi books, a few nights ago I saw some of the guys from “Rocket City Rednecks” on Leno and on hearing his long list of degrees and his background I became a bit curious about the “ring leader”, Travis S. Taylor.

    Turns out he has written several sci-fi books (Warp Speed, The Quantum Connection, Vorpal Blade etc) that sound intriguing.

    Anyone here read any of his works?

    1. I’ve read a few of the ones he did at Baen (the “One Day on Mars” ones). They weren’t bad, but they definitely weren’t as polished as a Ringo or a Flint. Maybe his nonfiction from the last year or two is better for it though.

  4. I don’t know. How realistic is that a bunch of Gaia hippies could operate a space ship and plot a rendezvous orbit out in the asteroid belt?

    1. T.L.,
      my dad used to say, “…if you don’t blow your own horn, you may just live in a world of silence!”

      I’m book heavy right now, but I added you to my Wish List.

  5. I got this last night on Kindle. So far it’s fun, and although it’s a bit heavy-handed in how it makes clear that “the Moon isn’t like being on Earth”, it’s neat.

    Example of heavy-handed: paragraph-long exposition on how water flows differently under 1/6 g.

    Example of how Robert Heinlein did environment-building: “The door dilated.” Brief, necessary, and different.

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