4 thoughts on “Careful With The Stones”

  1. Actually, as someone who has spent a lot of time on the strand, it is really nice and the waves at night crashing in are glorious for sleep. You get to meet a LOT of people, including a lot of famous ones who also live on the strand. My buddies who had their place at 1300 the strand used to have some amazing parties and a lot of good times. The sunsets every day are incredibly glorious and it is interesting to see everyone come out to watch them.

    I have other friends that are still there including one who bought the 90210 beach house that is the only one with a beach view in two directions between Manhattan and Hermosa beach pier.

    Well worth it.

  2. Big expansive windows can be pretty but few are very energy efficient. Even a good triple pane window often has an R value less than 10. Even “low e” glass can let in too much solar heat on a bright day. If you live somewhere with a very pleasant environment then a building like that can be comfortable. Not so much if you live somewhere where you need to run the heater or air conditioner a lot to remain comfortable.

    I wouldn’t want such a house (I like my privacy) but if that floats your boat, enjoy.

  3. I live in a house with big windows and love the sunshine — when there is sunshine. Cloudy days not so much.

    But I also live on nearly 10 acres with lots of trees between us and the nearest neighbors. I couldn’t have enjoyed the big windows in my old neighborhood.

  4. I’ve also heard of people being arrested for indecent exposure because children walking through the yard saw the residents naked. (Yes, really) Houses like this seem to invite that kind of trouble too.

    I understand wanting the light, but no thanks.

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