7 thoughts on “TSA”

  1. Seriously. Never should have been created, and we can’t give it the stake in the heart soon enough.

  2. I certainly hope the most radical ideas are adopted, but you know what?

    These are congresscritters we’re talking about here.

    There will be a lot of tough talk, culminating in the uniforms being changed to a “friendlier” shade of blue. Also, the new face-hiding helmets will look like clowns, with the intent of reassuring children being groped.

    A careful two percent will be shaved off the agency’s budget request, so that reductions may be claimed despite actually resulting in a five percent hike, but that will be mooted by the continuing refusal to pass a budget at all so that each side may claim to be standing firm on their principles.

  3. The only screening should be to identify terrorists coming in on international flights. You don’t need to grope domestic flyers if you remove the terrorists from our country. Too big a job? It’s the only job our government is supposed to do.

  4. Kill it with fire. I haven’t flown in years because of the TSA. The thought of one of those clowns feeling up my kids makes my blood boil.

    “But what about terrorism?” You know what? I don’t care any more. I’ll take my chances — just GET RID OF THE TSA and do it now.

    1. Amen, brother. I used to enjoy flying, but I refuse to be molested by the TSA goons. Airline passengers know what to do if there is a terrorist on board–several incidents of other passengers taking down potential bombers have proved that, much to the dismay of our overlords.

      Get rid of the TSA so it will be safe to fly again!

      1. ditto. On business travel I use annual leave and pay out of pocket rather than subject myself to this travesty. Two by two, hands of blue.

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