6 thoughts on “The Post-Election Vilification Of Whites”

  1. might be tiresome but it will continue unless and until it becomes ineffective.

    It will become ineffective when there’s severe pushback and the accusers re shown to be the racist dolts they are.

      1. Be careful. Expressing agreement with anything posted by me is tantamount to admitting that you wear the Pointy Hood of Shame.

        In some people’s eyes, anyway.

    1. Ken,
      are we related? Or are we both still just, UN-rich?

      Many years ago while I was driving a school bus because I couldn’t find a F/T gig, one of the young AA lads tried to talk me out of my motorcycle helmet. I told him I needed it because I couldn’t ride my bike without it, it was against the law to do so.

      He then told me I could just go buy another one.

      I told him driving a school bus didn’t give me enough money to do that.

      He then informed me that I was a liar, and that ALL white people are RICH, so just go get another helmet.

      I’d love to know where he ‘learned’ that, and I’d like to know if he still thinks that, and if so, how he votes.

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