3 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Fiscal Disaster”

  1. I have a modest proposal.

    Whereas the Paul Krugman’s and Cullen Roche’s of the world (see pragcap.com) think that making the deficit smaller at this particular time of economic weakness is a bad idea, and there is a snowball’s chance that the President wants to do anything at this time about Entitlements, whereas the President seems to want higher rates on “the rich” as an existential necessity above any other consideration, whereas any increase in revenue, should increased marginal rates do such a thing, that such increases in revenue will be promptly spent, I propose that the United State House of Representatives enact (drum roll, please)

    A revenue neutral tax bill, where the marginal rates on “the wealthiest Americans” are raised according to the President’s proposal, but that additional rate reductions be made for the lower income brackets.

    You know, starve the beast!

    Oh, and while they are at it, I could go for Glenn Reynolds “Hollywood Tax.” Out of fairness, of course.

    And one more personal request. The marginal tax rate on a university football coach who changes job prior to a big bowl game should be increased to 75 percent . . .

  2. Make democrats own what? They don’t have a majority in the house, it’s not their “problem” to fix.

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