5 thoughts on “Occupy Pyongyang”

    1. Or Shin Dong-hyuk, the guy that was on 60-minutes last weekend. He was born in a generational prison and was held captive for 23 years. When someone gets thrown in a generational prison the next 2 generations of that person’s kids get held as prisoners as well. Food is so scarce that the children are forced to eat undigested corn that they find in cow dung. Shin was only able to escape when a fellow prisoner climbed up on an electrified fence and was electrocuted. Shin used the dead guys body as an insulator to climb up and over the fence and not get electrocuted.

  1. They do exhibit the communist speaking style but they could really use some public speaking training.

    Don’t tell them that all the NK stuff was added by cgi to replace China.

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