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  1. Preston asked:

    What gun law would have stopped Jovan Belcher, who had no criminal record, from obtaining a firearm? Would such a law have also stopped other Americans who would never pose a threat to anyone from obtaining a firearm? Show your work.

    Oh, that’s easy. They would say that if all firearms were outlawed then Belcher and everyone else wouldn’t be able to buy one. What the poor fools fail to understand is that criminals, by definition, don’t obey the law. If you can smuggle drugs, you can smuggle guns. Criminals are much more likely to obtain their weapons by crime or through underground channels than by going to the local gun store.

    1. Well. After two decades as a cop I can say with some knowledge that if we can not keep spray paint out of the hands of teenagers despite local laws saying it is illegal to sell to them, gun control will never work, even if we would want it to work. All of these fantasies.

      I propose a new law. Dave’s law. Distantly related to Murphy and Moore’s law. Every two years you will encounter someone twice as stupid as the most stupid person you have met to date.

      Hello Bob Costas.

      1. I think a lot of people don’t really understand Murphy’s Law and its implications. Based on my readings of the origins of the law, the “If anything can go wrong, it will.” was meant as a warning, not cynicism. As the story says, a test failed because some electrical connectors were connected backwards. The engineering moral of the story is to design things so they can’t be done wrong. Take a look at an old RS-232 (serial) port connector. It was designed in kind of a “D” shape so that it wasn’t possible to connect it backwards. The more modern USB port does the same thing. Those were designed by people who understood how to minimize human errors. By way of contrast, the 5th V-22 Osprey crashed on its first flight because someone connected one of the flight controller connectors backwards. Pilots get really confused with controls work backwards of what is expected. I’ve read of a similar miswiring almost causing a crash on an Airbus airliner. They designed connectors that could be done wrong, and they were.

  2. “Liberals” only like guns when they’re held by agents of the state and pointed at the heads of the tax-serfs and peaceful (which is to say, the majority of) gun-owners.

    1. And when we begin to think of how or in what way various ‘agents’ of the government(s) might become overbearing or unlawful and threatening, the liberals overlook the proposition that THOSE are the guys our Founders had in mind when they gave us the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Anyone who dared to talk badly about the ‘thug culture’ would be branded a racist and fired (probably before the end of the second half).

  4. “…where gun-control laws are strictest, violent crime rates tend to be highest. ”
    It’s too bad the game wasn’t in Chicago. They’re about as strict on guns as any place in the country. And they’re having 10 or 12 shootings every weekend up there.

    But Godfather Rahm is going to get to the root of the problem. He’s pushing for a per bullet tax. That should work, because ALL the thugs will just quit buying bullets!

    I wonder how that will affect the ammunition sales in Cook County?

  5. Wow. Someone referred me to an astronomy site and instead I got cheap partisan bigotry. Have fun with this.

    1. Point out the bigotry. Show your work. Thugs come in all races, creeds and religions, so if you’re going to claim that “thug culture” is a racist term, you’re proving yourself an idiot.

      First error – this isn’t an astronomy site. As for partisan, this is Rand’s blog. He can discuss whatever he wants from whatever point of view he wants. “Partisan”, like “racist” is an empty word.

    2. Right off the bat, whomever told you this was an ‘astronomy’ site was just wrong.

      Rand’s primary focus is space technology and how the world around us affects that.

      That would include how even the everyday news stuff, about politics and taxes affects space policy.

      And Shane, what bigotry? Tell us where? What was said and who said it? As there are ongoing differences of opinions on almost every topic, I’m not sure how this could be a site showing bigotry.

      Or is it that you disagree with ALL that our host says? I’m confused.

  6. Your right in that bigotry is involved. All of this is smeared with an undercurrent of racism. What they are all saying is that if this “Culture” is free to own guns there will be trouble. They are primarily referring to Black on Black gun crimes. So what they are saying is that to protect Blacks from themselves it is necessary to take guns away from everyone.

    1. And it’s no surprise that gun control laws have racist roots for the very reasons listed here. The Supreme Court told states like Illinois that they can’t make laws that single out a specific race. So, nowadays they talk about the “gun culture” instead.

      Who knew Bob Costas was such a latent racist?

  7. One reason “liberals” won’t take on the thug culture because they don’t want to dwell on the sine qua non of thuggism: coercion–that is, the aggressive use or threat of force. The current Thugocracy (as I believe Michael Barone called the Obama Gang) only makes that more obvious, but it was there back when “Il Dufe” was just another member of the socialist New Party. Unable to denounce coercion with any credibility, they’d rather focus on the instruments of coercion rather than the motive behind it .. . which they share.

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