Speaks truth to idiocy in Doha:

As I delivered the last of my three points, there were keening shrieks of rage from the delegates. They had not heard any of this before. They could not believe it. Outrage! Silence him! Free speech? No! This is the U.N.! Gettimoff! Eeeeeeeeeagh!

One of the hundreds of beefy, truncheon-toting U.N. police at the conference approached me as I left the hall and I was soon surrounded by him and a colleague. They took my conference pass, peered at it and murmured into cellphones.

Trouble was, they were having great difficulty keeping a straight face.

Put yourself in their sensible shoes. They have to stand around listening to the tedious, flatulent mendacities of pompous, overpaid, under-educated diplomats day after week after year. Suddenly, at last, someone says “Boo!” and tells the truth.

Frankly, they loved it. They didn’t say so, of course, or they’d have burst out laughing and their stony-faced U.N. superiors would not have been pleased.

I was amiably accompanied out into the balmy night, where an impressive indaba of stony-faced U.N. officials were alternately murmuring into cellphones and murmuring into cellphones. Murmuring into cellphones is what they do best.

Sounds like a good time was had by all, at least all of any intelligence.

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  1. There is gold in them thar hills!

    Malia Talakai of Nauru, lead treaty negotiator for AOSIS, has said the loss and damage fund ultimately would have to be “much more” than the $100 billion a year in climate aid promised by developed countries by 2020.

    That’s some serious loot even by big oil standards. And that’s just for a reparations funds.

    And the Obama administration discovers a new zeal for limiting liability.

    EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard says talks on the topic aren’t yet “mature.” The U.S. doesn’t approve of any “liability-based structure,” said Jonathan Pershing, a U.S. negotiator.

    I guess limited liability is ok, if you’re the target.

      1. That apparently came from a Ring Lardner story.

        The lease said about my and my fathers trip from the Bureau of Manhattan to our new home the soonest mended. In some way ether I or he got balled up on the grand concorpse and next thing you know we was thretning to swoop down on Pittsfield.

        Are you lost daddy I arsked tenderly.

        Shut up he explained.

        1. I actually picked it up from this when I read it in about ’78, and it was originally published in ’69. No doubt, the bon mot goes back even farther than that.

      1. In addition to thinking he’s a member of Parliament, and thinking he’s been peer reviewed, he claims to be “responsible for invention and development of a broad-spectrum cure for infectious diseases.” That’s a pretty high level of delusion.

          1. He is also a pernicious lube snopper (I think that was something I picked up in an old Bloom County comic strip making fun of ad hom attacks).

          2. …being ejected for impersonating the Burmese delegate is not actually a free speech issue.

            Who said it was?

            First ad hominem, now a straw man.

            We still await something of interest on the subject from you. I suspect we’ll wait in vain.

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