12 thoughts on “Pretend To Be A Time Traveler”

  1. I have built a working time machine. Its capabilities are pretty limited right now, though. It only goes one way (forward), and at regular speed…

  2. How about “volcano day”? Which would you prefer–Vesuvius or Krakatoa? Just let me program my TARDIS. . .


    Hello, this dusty letter is for you. I’d really like to know what it says.


    “Don’t Blink.”

    1. John, your superiors have lied to you. You can never get the IBM 5100 back to them since your time machine can never have precise enough clocks to return you to the moment you left. Any deviation from the moment you left means that the one of you can only return to one of a multitude of worlds that have been created before and after the moment you left.

      It doesn’t even help that there are a multitude of Johns that left on the same mission since there are a multitude of universes for each of those Johns differing from the moment they left.

      The irony is the elements of your story can not be falsified if you presume the multiverse to exist; however, the multiverse concept itself can be falsified.

      The multiverse is in fact, the ultimate god of the gaps. While the absurdity of bones and light rays being positioned to lead to a false conclusion for a 7 days creation is ridiculous. The multiverse idea could only come into being by a scientific faith so ludicrous (because they have to deny any proof of god’s existence that the fine tuning of universal constants requires) that they will abandon their own scientific beliefs to do it. While creationism requires, as the bible says, “an abundance of energy” large, but still finite. The multiverse requires an infinity of infinite energies (an infinite number of universes, each producing an infinite number of universes.) The multiverse also requires an infinity of dimensions (not one can be in the same as another, but nobody thinks about that.)

      Most that imagine multiverse don’t bother to talk about these infinities, leaving the listener under the impression it’s no more than a few slider episodes. But for every observer (billions on earth alone) and for every observation (not just double slit experiments) the universe splits in two where the energy of the entire universe must come into being in an instant.

      Make no mistake, they are not just talking about the quantum flux where a single particle comes in an out of existence every moment. They are talking about new big bangs where the entire energy of a universe comes into existence in a moment. Just take a peek behind the hand waving. This is god of the gaps writ larger than any other big lie ever conceived. Those silly creationists are pikers in comparison.

  4. I’m not a time traveler, but I may be the opposite. I think I’m stuck in a ‘Groundhog Day’ scenario.

    I keep checking his blog, and the first item is always this “Time Traveler” thing.


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