16 thoughts on “You Know Who Has An Average 80 IQ?”

  1. Indifference is a luxury that will soon be too dear to afford.

    Indifference to reality does not erase reality. Reality is what it is and must be faced if one is to survive.

    In any case, I apologize for the off-topic response. Re-cloaking.

    1. And they’re wrong, Moby, because . . . ? I mean, the idea that a gang that believes in legalized looting would even try to steal an election . . . how far out is that?

      1. Bilwicke,

        You don’t get it do you? Acorn went out of business in 2010. They don’t exist anymore. That is what makes the poll so funny 🙂

          1. Sure they did… And next you are going to claim President Roosevelt was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor 🙂

            Actually instead of measuring the intelligence of Fox News viewers they should have measured their gullibility 🙂

          2. ACORN-like organizations still exist, consisting of many people who were formerly with ACORN, and like ACORN, they continue to engage in voter fraud. Whether or not this was a factor in the results of the election I can’t say.

          3. Rand,

            I see, now its Acorn-like….

            As for the voter fraud, any references, or proof? Or is it just an excuse for refusing to accept that Governor Romney lost because a majority of Americans freely voted not to elect him President.

    2. Thomas, Acorn is just a name. The fact is all sorts of organization are created by the same sort of people that extract funds from taxpayers and channel them to their ideology and in the process influence our elections in many direct ways. You can not reasonably dispute this.

      Yes, it’s not just the left but they are magnitudes better at it.

      This may be the major contributing factor when look back in history and analyse the fall of our republic.

      1. Ken,

        Yes, there are many organizations on both sides. Look for example at all the billionaire funded super pacs. But they are not Acorn.

        Or is the right, conservatives, what ever the anti-Obama folk are calling themselves today now using “Acorn” as a generic name for any advocate group? You know, the 2012 equivalent of the “bogey man”?

  2. “Liberal” State-shtuppers always believe they’re the smart kids in class. That may have been generally true decades ago when I was in college (although these were the same kids who idolized Mass-murderin’ Mao*–and while the most intelligent kids tended to be libertarians), but that sure has changed over the years. Anyone who thinks, at this point, the State is their best friend not only has a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome but a serious case of Stupid as well.

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