6 thoughts on “Harry Potter”

    1. Ken, those movies made you think, and watching a scifi flick and then thinking is SOOOoooo 1970’s!

      Besides that, Star Trek and Star Wars were all about ooohing and aahhing. No thought process necessary, and I have no problem with that sometimes.

      (well, Star Wars was like that once upon a time, until George Lucas decided to ‘redo’ them…)

  1. I wasn’t all that impressed by Silent Running either. I did like the explosions. No complaints about Darkstar, though.

  2. Thankfully J.J. Abrams’ 2009 reboot Star Trek points toward a more promising future.

    I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t buy that.

    A twentysomething Starfleet captain begs for more suspension of disbelief than warp drive does. The Big Gigantic Superweapon plot has been done over and over and over again – I want something different. And the fate of the planet Vulcan in the film is just unforgivable. A lot of money could be made by auctioning off the opportunity to slosh a drink in Abrams’ face.

    1. There were big problems with the Star Trek reboot–not just red matter. Like Star Wars (the real one) it moves along fast enough and is enough fun that I didn’t care too much the first time through, but they get a bit annoying on rewatching. Maybe they can keep the fun but knock out some plot contrivances on the second.

      It’s going to be a neat trick–making Kirk act young enough to pull in the teens but adult enough to not be laughable as a Star Ship captain. There’s not much chance of them giving him anything other than the Enterprise to command in the next movie.

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