Coconut Pineapple


Australian scientists have created a pineapple that tastes like a coconut. It took them ten years to develop, but the fruit dubbed as the “piña colada pineapple” wasn’t exactly what they were trying to create.

Scientists, from a government agency in Queensland, were initially trying to develop a new variety of a sweeter, juicier pineapple but instead, created a coconut flavored one and now call it the AusFestival.

I just noticed that both words in the title are combinations of two types of vegetation. Sort of like Palmolive™.

5 thoughts on “Coconut Pineapple”

  1. My head hurts just thinking about pina coladas. The two times I was convinced to drink them, I hurt myself. It just doesn’t taste like there’s any liquor in there, and that’s an invitation to pain.

    Or at least it used to be when I was WAY younger.

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