The President’s Latest Lies

…about right to work.

And is he going to denounce the threats of violence? Don’t hold your breath. It’s all part of that new civility we’re always hearing about but somehow never actually see.

[Update a while later]

It’s the same old story:

…we have actual Democratic elected officials threatening acts of political violence, and we have actual Democratic activists carrying out those acts of political violence. Mr. Sullivan? Mr. Rich? Mr. Obama?

As I said, don’t hold your breath.

[Update a while later]

The thuggery begins.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Raising money for a reward for info leading to the arrest of the thug. It shouldn’t be hard. He’s easily identifiable. They’ve already raised more than a couple thousand, with a grand from Instapundit.

Also, as Dana warns, please don’t speculate about his identity in comments.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here‘s a report on the tent destruction:

Fladeboe said the tent, for which AFP-Michigan had received a permit a week earlier, held between 30 and 40 people before protesters began stabbing at its straps with knives. He said that at first, protesters were targeting random straps to avoid being caught — then, finally, they focused on one corner of the tent in an effort to pull it down. Fladeboe said that even once several of the straps were cut, the local police on the scene did little to help the volunteers re-secure them.

Eventually, protesters were able to snap one of the tent stakes in half and pull it from beneath the tent, causing it to collapse. Fladeboe said that despite reports that the tent had been cleared of people before it went down, there were about a dozen people still trapped inside after it had fully collapsed. “You could see people inside of it trying to get up, and you could see the tent moving,” he said — a problem exacerbated by the fact that protesters began “stomping” on top of the collapsed canvas while volunteers tried to help those trapped inside.

And those inside reportedly included women, children and elderly. If there were children, it was probably an inadvisable place to bring them, given all the credible threats, but I guess they thought they’d be safe inside.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here‘s video of the tent.

[Late evening update]

“There are people under there, oh my God.” Language warning.

19 thoughts on “The President’s Latest Lies”

  1. Counting down to Moby Matula’s inevitable, “Well, the Republicans do that (or something vaguely similar, or did it forty years ago)” diversionary post . . . .

  2. This is Obama’s America where the mob is turned loose on his political enemies. No wonder he likes the MB so much.

    This really puts all of Obama’s laments about not having dictatorial powers in perspective.

    First OWS now this. Will the media hold Obama and the Democrats accountable for the violence they unleash in the name of politics or will they continue to cheer it on?

  3. I saw a news photo today showing named union members, with tape over their mouths, holding signs saying the UNIONS are being silenced, in a historically Democrat state, that elected a Republican Governor, and a Republican controlled Legislature, and part of the topic of discussion is NON-union people NOT being forced to pay union dues.

      1. Isn’t that exactly the term that union guys / radical college students / leftists always yell, right after they say they want dialogue or ‘talks’?

  4. I agree with you about the danger of bringing children. But the fact that it is unwise to bring children to the seat of government because of the threat of political violence is a terrible commentary.

    The Occupy protestors liked to present themselves as similar to those protesting Mubarak’s dictatorship, so they should be happy that the left has managed to bring a little taste of the streets of Cairo to our state capitals.

    1. I expect “Children” is really “Young adults who have not reached the age of majority”.

      I’d be concerned about a small child. But not so concerned about showing my 14+ year olds what incivil obedience looks like.

  5. “What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.”

    I wouldn’t call that a lie. Right-to-work laws do give people the right to work for less money, rather than not-working for no money.

    I suspect there are a lot of former Hostess employees who wish they had that right.

    1. Not in the strictest sense incorrect, but horridly, and I suspect deliberately, misleading. It suggests that with right to work less money is what you’ll get.

    2. I am thinking the Michigan “Right to Work” law is much, much narrower in scope than you think. I think it has to do with not collecting union dues from your paycheck, which weakens unions because the deal with a union is that it is a union, something voted upon and made compulsory, “free rider” effect and all of that.

      On the other hand, I don’t think the law will have a direct effect on collective bargaining or the ability to call a strike.

      1. Tjat’s what I’ve read as well. Not that yesterday’s events wouldn’t justify re-examnining whether collective bargaining should stand, though waiting first to see whether the law as passed reduces union lawlessness would be more prudent.

      2. I haven’t seen details on this specific bill, but Right To Work isn’t about the right to join a union, but the power of the union to force workers to to join or support it. A power that no other entity outside government (that I know of) is allowed by law. Unions are doing whatever they can get away with to preserve that exclusive power.

    3. One thing that typically happens with Right to Work is employee pay goes down, as it is no longer used to subsidize the unions. The employee’s actual take home is not affected or goes up. So the company saves on payroll, which allows it to spend on infrastructure improvements and become more profitable.

  6. This is headlining every national news program tonight isn’t it? I guess not, since it wasn’t Tea Party members attacking anyone. Which, of course, has never happened.

  7. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

    What a crock. At least I live in a right to work state and while we have unions, they will need to find something else to protest.

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