7 thoughts on “Majoring In Fun”

  1. And nothing is more amusing, entertaining and indeed, fun, than watching a bunch of scientifically illiterate libertarians discuss climate science here.

  2. At the risk of feeding the troll…
    Evidently a PhD in Chemistry, multiple publications in peer reviewed journals, presentations at ACS conferences, plenary “Green Chemistry” lectures, several patents, and an MSc in Process Engineering makes one “scientifically illiterate”.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s called an appeal to authority. But since you are nothing more than a bunch of petty authoritarians – exactly as expected.

    Amusement, entertainment and fun, exactly as expected.

  4. Ah, I see:
    “Agree with my beliefs” = scientifically literate
    “Disagree with my beliefs” = scientifically illiterate
    Regardless of empirical evidence. Gotchya. Bye bye. Sorry Rand, will not be feeding it anymore.

    1. No, appealing to authority and claiming credentials – not scientific. And indeed, countering a vast scientific consensus with innumerate and illucid or bizarre and naive claims – nuttery, otherwise known as science illiteracy.

      This it great fun! Maybe I should teach a course.

        1. Well, Rand, it’s a free country. Why do you hate US for our freedoms? If you knew even a minimal amount of coding and website maintenance your website wouldn’t be borked and you could easily solve your trolling problems. You just need to be reminded every once and a while that you don’t know jack shit about code, and rockets, and indeed, science and math.

          But keep up the good work. Authoritarians and libertarians need the kind of diminishment and marginalization you provide. And remember, the fiscal crisis is looming, so your dreams of total world domination will soon be put to the test.

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