The False Flag Of The Left

…and the media silence:

This alternative version the left offered didn’t have to be true. It didn’t even have to appear to be true. There did not have to be a single grain of a fact anywhere near it. It just had to be floated out there and give so-called mainstream journalists enough of an excuse to decide not to cover the real story. Mainstream media journalists know all about editing, for instance, since they go out of their way to edit out the conservative world view in just about every story they write or produce. Many journalists know about false flag operations, because they are living false flag operations. They pose as objective while they work as Democratic Party operatives. That’s how they spend their entire careers.

The left’s alternative reality keeps winning, though. The casual news consumer scans Google News and sees nothing about the unions’ use of violence to attempt to overturn the legislative process. The casual news consumer has been trained to hate alternative media that counters the prevailing culture. The mainstream media didn’t report that Big Labor tried its hand at intimidating Michigan’s elected representatives out of restoring for the state’s workers the freedom of choice and assembly, so to most Americans, it didn’t happen.

That’s how they win elections, too.

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  1. Over a decade ago when I first started reading blogs my coworkers used to think me foolish (maybe that wasn’t the reason? 🙂 ) It seemed like that was the only way I could find all sides of a story or even find the story.

    I’d already been in situations where I was an eye witness but the news coverage seemed it wasn’t.

    It brings to mind the scripture that wisdom is found in an abundance of counselors. Individually they may be fools, but collectively they seem to expose the truth.

    Tyranny and force, for example, works for some. Otherwise it would disappear or at least be rare. Those that benefit from it have no moral standing. They need to be called out and fought at every turn.

    1. Every newspaper or radio article about an event I’ve been involved with has been wrong in fairly major details (I haven’t been in that many, and most of those have been small). The mainstream media coverage of the Loma Prieta Earthquake a few decades back was ridiculously wrong. My dad was interviewed a few times by the local radio station for various things; the interviews were always edited to completely change the information he was trying to convey. In my limited experience, the media has been wrong ALL the time, and have been for nearly half a century.

    1. He didn’t build that cart. Also, he’s a business owner and therefore management. As such, he’s probably a greedy bastard who exploits himself.


  2. It is the MSM’s culpable silence that allows the other two thirds of the Obama-Pelosi/Reid-MSM Tripartite Pact to get away with saying the most egregiously false and idiotic things with nary a scratch.

    So for example today we have, at Drudge, a link to an article that indicated 500,000+ family farms are at risk because of Estate tax changes voted on by Reid and his Senate cronies.




    1. Crickets

      You somehow missed all the front page coverage of the fiscal cliff negotiations? The expiration of the Bush estate tax cuts is one of the elements of that story.

      The estate tax threat to family farms is routinely exaggerated. Last year only 50 family farms owed estate taxes. Both parties have said that they favor raising the exemption (from $1m, which is what it’ll be if they do nothing), so I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

      1. First, Jim, you as usual completely ignore the main message and try to divert to another argument that is only partially supported and explained.

        The main issue from Gregg is that this issue doesn’t even EXIST according to many in the MSM. That is just another in a LONG line of issues (see the violence perpetrated by Union employees and sympathizers as another recent example).

        Now, to address your ignorance, there is a study done that shows that farms worth over $1M will be approximately 526K. Even farms worth over 5M will be approximately 105K. Don’t give me this 50 family crap. Also, I’ll be surprised if once you come into a debate and attempt to stay on target with facts, not your own suppositions.

      2. It isn’t just who pays the death tax but the rate they have to pay. Sure, a million dollar farm is incredibly small but whether heirs have to pay 35% or 55% has a big impact on the ability to pass that farm down to the next generation. As with many other small businesses, the only way to pay the tax man is liquidate the business.

        If you go by the stereotype Democrats use for themselves, they like family farms so working out a solution should be easy. But you have to look at the reality of today’s Democrat party which hates rural Americans and is constantly waging war on them to destroy their way of life and force migration into large Democrat run cities. Rural Americans don’t often support Democrats, so they are not a protected constituency and they are viewed as en enemy to be destroyed.

        This is why we see so much disinformation about farming coming from the left these days from what is considered a big farm, a family farm, and what type of farming practices are acceptable. Then there is the bigoted cultural assasination of rural people through stereotypes pushed by liberal media and the urban elites.

        Buy local? There wont be any local farms if Democrats get their way. This is especially true when the lefist paradigm of a farm is no bigger than a backyard or a small estate that wealthy leftists retire to too escape what their ideology has done to their home cities and so they can play hobby farmer.

        And of course most of the farmland in the country is not on the outskirts of NYC, LA, or Seattle. So buy local is really an attack farmers in places like Nebraska who are stereotyped as being big Monsanto types.

  3. One commenter in another link to the story was going on about how Crowder’s bunch was throwing pennies at the union guys trying to provoke a scene. Has anyone heard anything about that? Like the mythical “n*gg*r” shout, it shouldn’t be too hard to find video evidence if true.

    1. It shouldn’t be hard to prove, but you can’t disprove the negative, which is the rationale for the lie. The way to go about this; ask the Truthers to help identify the guy assaulting Crowder. If he’s a moby, they should want to bring him forward to prove the dishonesty of Crowder and AFP. If not a moby, he can testify to being provoked. So challenge the Truthers to bring their evidence forward. Trying to disprove them with your own evidence is impossible and busy work they’d like you to perform.

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