One thought on “The Coming Tsunami”

  1. Anyone interested in this subject should read John Mauldin. He’s done several dispassionate analyses of various global economic data in support of his discussion of this problem. He shows charts of projecting government spending and simply points out that it is a graph of a thing that can’t happen, thus his oft repeated phrase “what can’t happen, won’t happen”.

    I spent the last couple of weeks in different parts of the country listing to various liberal and conservative talk shows on my rental car radio discuss this problem and was shocked about the ignorance. BTW, liberals are more ignorant than conservatives. It’s my conclusion that we are therefore doomed to a zombie apocalypse (riots and looting) when the net tax takers get cut off because the bond buyers refuse to buy government bonds to fund unpayable debt. Some argue that under those circumstances the government will just print all the money it needs and inflate its way out of the problem. People can read Mauldins articles to find out why that path also leads to the zombie apocalypse.

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