18 thoughts on “The Death Star Petition

  1. B Lewis

    The Death Star’s actual combat record is spectacularly bad. For the same money we could build a gigantic fleet of Yamato-class space battleships — a design with comparable (planet-busting) firepower and a proven record of combat success.

  2. Daver

    The Wave Motion Gun may not be as powerful as the Death Star Planet Killer, but it’s a lot more fun.

    Perhaps we should work on building neutronium-hulled Doomsday Machines instead.

  3. Mark R. Whittington

    I’ll be that the New Space crowd will like it, but only if we build the thing with existing or soon to exist or envisioned to exist commercial launch vehicles.

  4. ken anthony

    Total protonic reversal: all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.

    Who needs a death star? Just cross the streams.

  5. Der Schtumpy

    The (D) White House will never go for this, they hate the military and will never give them this level of importance in a ‘budget’! As if they’ll ever have a budget again.

    1. Brock

      Just call it a Space Drone and they’ll be all over it. Be sure to use the Low Power setting when pointed at Earth-bound targets.

  6. Fletcher Christian

    Nah, I think we really need a fleet of copies of Alliance Space Ship Vorpal Blade.

    (Google it!!)

  7. Godzilla

    Like I said here before funding a nuclear pulse propulsion battlecruiser with some sort of mass driver would be fun. The Death Star is full of technology we can’t make. Besides it is awfully flawed. I agree with the people wanting the Yamato instead. The Wave Motion Gun is just too useful and there is something to be said about running your faster than light engines in reverse in order to blow up something.

    Other alternatives to the Yamato would be a Vorlon Cruiser or Shadow Battlecrab. The Planet Killers just look too lame sorry.

    1. Thomas Matula

      I don’t know why. All they have to do is say this would be a violation of the Outer Space Treaty and leave it at that. A short paragraph any intern could write.

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