11 thoughts on “Soulmates”

  1. No offense to the myth, but it seems to always have been about getting sex on the sly. My take is that an early manifestation of it was “courtly love” during the Middle Ages, which supposedly was passionate and spiritual love, while secretive and outside of marriage. I guess in a time of arranged marriages, it made some sense and provided an outlet for desires that could otherwise have destructive political consequences.

    But in today’s world where marriages are voluntary (and supposedly between “soulmates” in the first place), it seems to just be an excuse to hop to the next lover.

    1. Harlan Ellison beat him to it. I don’t remember the name of the short story, but a man sells his soul for his “Perfect Soulmate”- and finds out that his dream girl will be born in Han Province, China, about ten days after his 85th birthday.

  2. soulmates are made, not found

    Yes they are made, but only after they are found. Which is to say, you only have one, but you have many potential.

    A soulmate is simply one where communication is easy. You don’t have to explain yourself. They get you (not always immediately.)

    Divorce is more common because soulmates are so attractive. My mother has her soulmate after three marriages. Her first two husbands were batterers (which includes my father.) My stepdad tolerates me. My inheritance depends on which dies first. Sad, huh?

  3. “If there’s only one right person for you, what are the odds of finding him?”

    They’d have to be at least…three to one.

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