6 thoughts on “The Terrible Coverage Of The Massacre”

  1. Death porn. Even on Fox. They should ALL be ashamed, but shame is a characteristic beaten out in j-school.

  2. “The founding founders never envisioned the damage that could be done by a 24-hour news cycle.”

    I hadn’t considered that aspect of the media during times like these. I guess I was too busy screaming at the talking heads to have rational thought happen. But following on the heels of the MSM’s constant outrage over guns and gun ownership after tragedies like this, mixed with their thinking that the founders never envisioned fully automatic ‘assault’ weapons when they wrote the 2nd Amendment, maybe we should have a paring back of their 1st Amendment RIGHT to say whatever they want, whenever they want, in any amount or longevity of issue they want!

    While they don’t literally murder people with their [idiotic] thinking, they have certainly undermined the ability of people to defend themselves by taking up the anti-gun mantra, and for decades convincing people that people don’t kill people, guns do! But having said that, I think they’ve lost the battle.

    With the number of guns and rounds of ammunition that have been bought over the last 5 years, it sort of proves that people don’t buy the anti-gun rhetoric. And with the voting block seemingly swinging back to the Right after many years of one party rule in the NE and places like IN and MI, it also proves to me, maybe we’re not as doomed as I thought we were on Nov 7th.

    I wasn’t surprised at the normal, old MSM’s reporting and crazed speachifying on this story.

    But on FOX the other morning one of the news babes questioned why a ‘woman’ [the shooter’s mother] would want or need ‘that many’ guns in the first place. You gotta appreciate that sort of Fair & Balanced questioning. As if someone’s body plumbing dictates a number of widgets you’re ‘supposed’ to have as a norm.

    I have nothing to go on except online chatter, but several places are saying she was a ‘prepper’, and that was why she had ‘so many’ guns and so much ammo.

    Dave P,
    they do have a set of ethics of a sort. But too few people sue them like George Zimmerman is, or like Richard Jewell did. I’ll add politicians into the group of people who should sue media news readers or at least sue their bosses / networks.

    It’s opinion that Mitt Romney’s policies would be bad for the country. It was an outright lie that his business policies caused the death, by cancer, of some steel workers wife. And if people supporting Romney could find the intel that disproved that cancer story, then ANTI-Romney reporters should have been able to do it also.

    But I also hate that Romney’s attitude of chalking it up to ‘just the way POTUS campaigns are run now’, hurts us all. If one or some of the people who get maligned and trashed by the MSM every year would get a good lawyer and sue their @$$es off, the MSM bosses would hopefully lead their minions back to reporting facts, not opinions.

    For lack of a better way to put it, I’m sick of the MSM shouting Cancer in a crowded Campaign!

    Then again, people who have the power in their hands rarely if ever change their attitudes or ways of doing business for the good of ‘the people’ over their own ideals and their paychecks.

    1. Sir, I’m not arguing with you that more people need to sue the medaicretins. The problem is that the existing laws covering the issue make it very difficult for a private citizen (much less a ‘public figure’, like Romney) to sucessfully sue a media provider for mendaciousness. Because of existing caselaw, you nearly have to have the equivalent of an editor standing over the body of Romney’s reputation with a bloody knife in his hand and a “I Did It!” placard tattooed on his forehead before a civil case can proceed. What I’m asking for is a criminal standard, where if a reporter presents false (not wrong, but false) news or an editor gives the go-ahead for the story, they get actual jail time just like a lawyer who raids a client’s escrow account to buy a new Caddy.

  3. It’s the natural result of giving up adult behavior for mob rule.

    We are putting juveniles in positions that adults used to have.

    It’s why we need a mars colony. Living in a place that can kill a person brings out the adult.

  4. Unfortunately the undertone I get from this article is the suggestion of a ‘cure’ that libertarians in the UK are fighting. “Oh, the journalists are such awful people, they do all these unseemly things. The STATE must REGULATE them!!!” Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it… a boot stamping on your face forever.

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