3 thoughts on “Climate Skeptics’ Funding”

  1. This ignores the most obvious proof of the Big Oil conspiracy, the moonbat. As we all know, the AGW advocate is entirely reasonable; the science settled; and there exists no room for doubt. So when we see a drooling zombie ranting about the Earth burning up or similar far out and delusional idiocy, we know that this is a Big Oil operative trying to sow discord in the ranks of reason through false flag operations. I haven’t figured out how they’ve managed to simulate so many idiots at once. Maybe they use scripts or other automation tools.

  2. “There has been, for years now, a very well-organized and frankly well-funded effort to confuse the public about climate change.”

    He is absolutely right; he and his colleges have been well organized and well-funded. It’s like something right out of Nineteen Eighty-Four. You must be punished for your thought crimes. Submit and they may be lenient.

  3. Ha Rand you not living the high life on the beautiful California coast and before that the Florida Coast, with the money from Big Destroy The Planet INC?

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