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  1. What “lies?” Who said Newtown was the worst massacre ever?

    More importantly, does it matter? We’ve had half-a-dozen mass shootings this year – the other countries have mass shootings once every couple of decades.

    1. There were more mass shootings when there was an assault weapons ban in place.

      Gun control laws are not designed to prevent stuff like this from happening. They are pushed out of oikophobia and taking rights away from law abiding people who liberals don’t like.

    2. Notice how anti-gun kooks dishonestly ignore facts. No wonder they lost the debate. Germany has had multiple shooting massacres in their gun-free zones despite having very strict gun laws. I have mentioned this before.

    3. I spent the last week in and out of doctors offices and a hospital in prep for my wife to have knee surgery. I hated going into some of them ALREADY because most are ‘No Guns Allowed Zones’ [or Free Fire Zones for Crazy MFers as I call them].

      Since Newtown I’ve been looking at the ‘Security People’ in these places. (and my head is about to ratchet off my neck from looking at everybody coming and going, my neck is sore!)

      The average ‘Security Person’ is 50 to 60 years old, overweight, some had canes, they are not very eloquent, not very sure of the placement of the buildings or grounds they are ‘protecting’, I know because none could give adequate directions, most had no radio, NONE was armed.

      [And for the entire time in these places, I was unarmed and that left me and Mrs. Der Schtumpy unprotected. Which to me now FEELS like being buck naked in the Vatican with the Pope saying Mass on Easter Sunday! Did I mention I was a naked Altar Boy too, not just attending Mass at the Vatican?!]

      IF my previous description was the design for optimal security force personnel, all of our police and military people would be a 50ish to 60ish, mumbling, unarmed, semi-lost person sans map or radio, totally unable to call for HELP! So, remind me again, just HOW are any of us safer in their unarmed hands, than we would be in the hands of those of us who are trained and who practice with our guns regularly?

      How many people bent on destruction will be deterred by those NO-GUNS Allowed signs? Judging from recent history, NONE.

      I look at every place I go into, from a tactical stand point and I’ve been practicing that for 3 or 4 years, since I got my CCH. I used to look at them from a stance of quick egress if some kind of SHTF. It’s something I learned from older guys while I was in the military, so I’ve been surveying like this for over 30 years, only the gun on my hip is ‘new’. Added to my awareness is the simple thought that I’d much rather shoot someone than be shot or watch them shooting people in the hallway of Anti-Gun General Hospital. Again, it’s the kind of decision I made when I decided to carry a gun daily.

      If confronted, all those ‘Security People’ can do is pee their pants and…I guess that’s it, they’ll wet themselves and the smell of piss will [hopefully] chase of Slack Jawed Crazy Dave as he hunts for Doctor Thompson, or is it Thomas, Tomlinson, oh well…he thinks the doctor is banging his wife, Nurse Nancy and that’s what’s important to SJC Dave!

      SJC Dave will of course shoot 7 to 15 people he’s never met too, they usually do AND he’ll shoot Nancy because he can’t live without her, AND he’ll shoot two lab techs and a janitor because they ‘look’ like doctors in their scrubs and doctor clogs. Damn that Dr. Jamison, Tomlinson, WHOEVER, he’s the one who MADE SJC Dave do this, him and the NRA and S&W, Ruger, Glock…!

      Maybe the doctors office buildings and hospitals can just start locking the doors at 8:30 every morning, because that worked SO well in Newtown. Except for the part where people MUST come and go totally free to do so 24 / 7 in many businesses and medical facilities.

      One thing is certain, RE-arming the general populace doesn’t work.

      Look at Texas, people are throwing lead around down there so thick it’s like bugs because they have lax gun laws. But in Chicago there are stiffer gun laws and they RARELY have any gun violence, right? Yeah, and the Sun will rise at Midnight, the Moon will reverse directions as well as phases and rain will fall UP during all days with a “Y” in them starting next Thursdaee!

        1. So lets see here, he is worried about the capabilities of the security guards in preventing a mass shooting and you call that paranoia. Is that because it is an uncommon event? And would that mean that the efforts to ban guns are also based on paranoia of an uncommon event?

          He is right about the most violent places in our country having the strictest gun laws. Clearly they are not working.

          1. It is an uncommon event, even in the US, and yet such a rare event as the recent massacre leads to lots of people going out and buying guns, apparently suddenly expecting themselves or their families to be in danger.

          2. …apparently suddenly expecting themselves or their families to be in danger.

            That’s only apparent to people who don’t understand what’s happening. The only danger they are worried about is the danger that the fascists will use this as an excuse to make it impossible for them to buy a gun.

        2. Some people prefer to go through life fat, dumb and happy, confident that the police will keep bad things from happening to them. Others prefer to be aware of their surroundings, knowing they’re their own first line of defense. If you’ve ever served in the military – especially combat arms – you’re much more likely to take the second view.

          When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. In the case of the tragic school shooting last week, it took them 20 minutes to arrive on scene.

      1. So it’s the victims fault? They were supposed to be packing heat and shoot back, and if they didn’t, too bad?

        Over a third of police officers killed the last two years were shot. I suppose they were in “gun-free zones” too.

        Rand, owning and carrying a gun is no guarantee of safety. Attackers, especially ins spree-killing situations like this, will always have the element of surprise.

        1. No, it’s not the victims’ fault — it’s the fault of the people who emote instead of think who forced everyone except the murderers to be disarmed.

          Over a third of police officers killed the last two years were shot.

          I fail to see the relevance.

          Rand, owning and carrying a gun is no guarantee of safety.

          I really tire of your continual straw men.

          1. Rand, as I’ve told you all a million times*, it’s useless debating logic-proof Mr.Gerrib. As I think Voltaire said, “You can’t reason someone out of something they didn’t reason into in the first place.” Or as Abe Lincoln said, “If someone insists on arguing that two and two make five, I know of nothing one can say to him.”

            *Allowing for slight exaggerration.

        2. No idiot, that doesn’t mean it was the victims fault it means that “gun free zones” are in truth “unarmed helpless victims zones”. Why else do you think a nutcase picks a school to shoot up instead of a gun show, gun range, gun store or a police station? So whose fault is it? Your side created these “unarmed helpless victims zones”, when are you going to start taking responsibility for your actions?

          1. I keep reminding people that I am a gun owner and member of the NRA. “Gun free zones” are not “my side.”

            I’m still trying to figure out why schools are supposed to be armed camps, and why this blog thinks “union thugs” AKA teachers should have to be armed.

          2. “I’m still trying to figure out why schools are supposed to be armed camps”

            Keep burning that straw man, Chris, you’re really good at it. A couple of teachers with handguns is not an “armed camp.”

          3. More dishonesty from Chris Gerrib. I remember when he used to claim he was a “moderate”, whatever that means. Then it turned out that he was a raging leftist. Now he’s an anti-gun kook who is trying to justify “gun free zones”.

          4. Rand – so now you’re in favor of teacher’s unions? All those pro-union “thugs” demonstrating in Wisconsin didn’t include teachers?

            Have you ever had a class in logic? Because if so, you should ask for your money back.

          5. Rand, the whole ‘Teachers Union” thing is Lefty Talking points. I have seen it several places. Chris is engaging in the typical groupthink.

            Ok Chris, tell us what you want done in this instance, put your cards on the table instead of criticizing proposal by others.

    1. Violence is terrible lets kill all the NRA members. (Sarcasm from me but apparently serious calls to action by loving liberals)

  2. Where is the call to ban rental trucks and fertilizer? Both have been used to kill more people than the recent school shooting…

    1. After the Bath Michigan school bombing, carried out with dynamite and pyrotol, which was repackaged WW-I surplus smokeless powder, we stopped selling pyrotol, and all the children were safe for ever more.

    2. I sometimes wonder if there’s a correlation between people who played a lot of sports or other group games as children and the tendency to reach for “new rules” whenever something goes wrong or life gets hard.

    3. Just small note, that killing with cars is not only car accidents, but sometimes even mass murders.
      Like Olga Hepnarová in Prague in 1973 – 8 killed and 6+6 injured after she drove a truck into a group of people waiting at tram stop.

  3. Where’s all the Left’s offense at the Liverpool Method of neglecting “nonviable” (says who? with what second opinion?) infants and elderly to death under Socialized Healthcare in England?
    That’s right. Murdering children is okay when the government does it.

  4. We’re less than 5% of the world’s population. One out of five is actually disproportionately high, about four times what you’d expect from population alone.

      1. That’s the second problem with your argument. First, “only” one out of five is not a low number, it’s a high one. The second is that by looking at a very small and narrow group of five cases you probably don’t have enough data to draw useful conclusions in any case.

      2. The US has a far higher rate of firearms related deaths than almost all other countries, more I think due to a gun culture than firearms availability, it’s not that hard to get firearms, once you’ve got a firearms licence in a lot of countries, not needing a firearms licence to carry a gun in public, to me makes about as much sense as not needing a drivers licence to drive a car on the roads.

        1. Crime rates in the inner city have nothing to do with “gun culture”.

          There might be gun culture with the criminal class but it is certainly not the same gun culture as hunters, target shooters, and people concerned with self defense. These are people who follow the law not because they are afraid of being caught doing something wrong but because they think it is the right thing to do.

    1. The number of people who die in incidents like this, where the mentally insane snap, are incredibly small when compared to our population or deaths from violence in general.

      Violent crime has been on the decline even as gun ownership has soared. Guns are not the problem, especially in this case where there was a highly intelligent mentally insane person who was not able to purchase guns but was able to kill to obtain them. No gun laws would have prevented this person from killing to get what he wanted.

  5. Arguing with anti gun kooks is like arguing with YEC creationists. “AR-15’s are automatic weapons” says the antigunner. You go and mention that the AR-15 is not an automatic weapon, it is semiauto. The antigunner keeps repeating the ignorant statement over and over again. They keep going on using old discredited arguments over and over again. “Laws of thermodynamics disprove evolution because disorder increases over time”, says the creationist. You go and mention that only applies to closed systems not an open system like Earth. And then the creationist repeats it again and again. Just like anti gun kooks.

  6. Headline this morning:


    We’re in the best of hands.

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