4 thoughts on “More On The Mannsuit”

  1. The article raises an interesting point. Before Mann filed his suit the prospective defendants, including yourself, were happily anticipating the discovery process. Now they’re trying to get the suit dismissed up front via the anti-SLAPP law. Has the prospect of discovery lost some appeal in the past weeks? Or has the financial burden of defending against the suit come into clearer focus? Or something else entirely?

    1. Some combination of the two. But fundamentally, when some of the costs are being born by legal insurance, the insurer wants to make suits go away as cheaply as possible, particularly when there is such a clear path to do so. if I wanted to move forward on my own, I’d have to raise my own legal defense fund, with the inherent risk of not raising enough. Basically, while I’d love to depose him, life is short, and I have other things to do with it.

      Anyway, the judge could rule against us, in which case we appeal, and then if that fails, the trial goes forward anyway.

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