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  1. Of course they hate us. Of course they want us dead. Politics is over. This is war. Civil war. And if we let the Enemy disarm us, they will win.

    The question is: how many of you have minds flexible enough to accept this reality?

    Wake up from the “conservative” dream, folks. The era where terms like conservative and liberal have meaning is gone. The time when voting, writing your congressman, or protesting with a sign had any real effect upon the government of this country is over. The constitution now means whatever the political class says it means, which means that they can do anything they want.

    And when they can do whatever they want, we’re back to might makes right, aren’t we?

    I know it’s hard. I know most of you are foursquare, patriotic, rational people, true Americans in the best sense of the world. The idea of the United States government (and the majority of its citizens) being “the enemy” is utterly foreign to you. But you had better come to grips with these ideas, and soon.

    It’s not a question of love of country. Many of you are veterans, as I am. All of you love this country. But think about it. Does the country you love, the country you fought for, truly still exist? Is that flag still a symbol of the home of the free? We veterans each swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We citizens have each pledged allegiance to its flag. But when Constitution is a dead letter, can any oath to defend it have any meaning? And the flag: when the republic “for which it stands” no longer exists except in name, can a moral man still pledge to it his allegiance?

    Very soon now, we are each going to have to decide what we are willing to protect and defend. We are each going to have to choose a flag to which to pledge our allegiance. I suggest that all of you who are reading this seriously consider where your loyalties will lie when your own time of decision comes.

    And it will come.

    For those of you willing to accept reality as it is, please feel free to contact me by e-mail. I can offer you a list of places where you can go to begin to educate yourselves on what’s coming and on what we can do about it. You won’t find the answers to every question there. But you will at least find others like you who are asking the correct questions.

    As for the rest of you: If I’m still alive and free at the time, I’ll enjoy watching the surprised looks on your faces when the hammer comes down.

    And it will come down.

    1. “The time when voting, writing your congressman, or protesting with a sign had any real effect upon the government of this country is over.”

      Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio got elected, didn’t they? Scott Walker’s still the Governor of Wisconsin, isn’t he? We have right to work in Michigan, don’t we?

      Political change is just slow, but it still works. If we can focus on that, and reducing the size of the Federal government to restore sovereignty to the States, there needn’t be any conflict like you describe.

  2. “If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, maybe hope for legislation of firearms?”

    The irony of this statement is often I hear of people that became NRA members after some incident and decided never again would they be defenseless.

    The hypocrisy in this statement comes from those that want to ban guns but not their personal protection which most of the public can’t afford.

    1. Not to mention the fact that, seeing the handwriting on the wall, many NRA Members are CCH holders too, so that they DON’T become victims. And I’d say NRA Members wouldn’t want more laws, or fewer rounds in a clip or magazine, they’d want that blasted TANK the Left always refers to.

  3. Karl Denninger is on fire today, Ken


    BTW don’t believe any talk that legitimate sporting gun owners will not be impacted by gun control legislation. My wife is waiting for a weapons licence here in Queensland, Australia after passing the safety course and making the application in May. She’s a member of the local smallbore rifle club as I am for last few years. It took 3 months for me to get “permission to acquire” a .22LR bolt action Brno with a 5 round magazine.
    This after our cowardly little Prime Minister at the time , John Howard, appeared in front of a rural crowd after the Port Arthur shootings wearing a bullet proof vest, something explicitly banned for civilian use or possession in Australia.

  4. Of course the lefties project their own worst attributes onto people they don’t even know. They live in a self-induced bubble.

    The thing that’s so frustrating is that the lefty duplicity and outright fraudulent positions are so obvious to even the most casual of observers and yet a large segment of the voting population do not observe even casually:

    They rail against guns while carrying or hiring protection. But they want to deny YOU the same opportunity.

    They scream and belch that the rich must pay more when they ARE the rich; and could easily pay more in taxes than they’re required – but do not. Or you have John Effing Kerry who has a multi-million dollar yacht built (that’s perfectly ok) but moors it in Rhode Island to avoid paying Mass. taxes on it.

    Now what *IS* this? Why doesn’t that sort of overt duplicity get him thrown out of office?

    Well I suppose for the same reason that Elizabeth Warren, the fake indian; the congenital liar, still gets elected to the US Senate…

    lefties don’t care who you are or what you do or how much you lie, cheat, steal and bamboozle…..

    so long as you vote correctly.

    1. No – it’s worse.

      They rail about “taxing the rich” (themselves) and then use that to pass laws to harm those with high income (their competition).

    2. If the Mass. voters didn’t throw out Ted Kennedy for killing a woman, why would anyone expect them to get rid of Kerry for not paying his taxes? Obeying the law is for the little people.

      1. Heck they voted in Warren who lied about her heritage to get favored treatment and rides around in a campaign buss balzoned with “Liberal Redskins”.

        1. I should add that I might be full of it and LI might have just been joking around when they posted the picture.

  5. I just wonder what would happen if some teacher snuck a gun into school, and it just so happened that one day, a crazed killer came into that very school, and started shooting people.

    Said killer having, say 100 rounds, and multiple guns…….

    And after the shooting started and only a few shots fired, the said crazed killer was shot and stopped by the teacher who carried concealed….illegally.

    1. My guess: news blackout. See “Mall Shooting; Clackamas”.

      Making a news fuss of equivalent magnitude to the Newtown shootings would not happen, simply because a) it contradicts the “scary guns only ever possess people and make them kill kill kill and so should be completely banned for everyone” narrative, and b) less child-based carnage means less for journalists to get wood over.

      Someone stopping a shooting makes the event un-news because without carnage it has no manipulative utility. A near-miss, could-have-happened story is less politically valuable and less resume-enhancing than a bunch of dead kids in a pool of blood.

      1. Our government was designed with the assumption that the press would do their job rather than “we’re good for 15 points in the election.”

        It makes one wonder if there isn’t some formulation that would be better than our first amendment?

      2. There are many examples of people using guns in self defense on a regular basis that only make the local news if anything 🙁

    2. Ask Joel Myrick, the assistant principle at a school on Mississippi, who went to his truck retrieved his .45 and stopped a student who had already killed 2. He was mostly ignored by the media at the time and he says he has since been treated as a pariah by fellow educators for his having pointed a gun at the killers head.

      1. Of course you never heard of civil disobedience – except when it’s some lefty cotton-heads doing it.

        You might someday be saved by someone who is carrying. Hope you never get to that situation.

        1. Oh, now Gregg, dontcha know you’re just having fantasies of heroism to even think about such things, perhaps as an antidote to your boring, ineffectual, dignity-starved life?

          On the bright side, at least Jim isn’t questioning the magnitude of your manhood. Yet.

          1. hahah well I’d be willing to bet that it never occurred to our pleasantly befuddled Jim that there ARE actually people carrying concealed in gun free zones.

            Maybe they even stood next to him….

            They choose to not be victims…not be sheep, and are not wolves.


      2. Tell me Jim:

        Suppose the Newtown shooting started, and some teacher stopped the assault with a gun.

        Would that be better than what happened?

        Or worse?

      3. Mitty? Really Jim? Imagination is a useful tool for being prepared. One of the reasons people aren’t prepared is they don’t imagine the low probability situations. Those that do have an advantage.

        I live in AZ. I’m surrounded by guns and feel very safe because of it. Bad guys here would end up doing the rodeo scene in “Did you hear about the Morgans.

        I don’t own a gun. That might be a mistake. I have used them (guns, rifles and shotguns.) I am willing to sacrifice my life to protect strangers regardless of the situation. I’d rather the bad guy do the sacrificing. Your brain is the most important weapon.

      4. C’mon Jim – let’s hear something solid from you:

        Suppose the Newtown shooting started, and some teacher stopped the assault with a gun.

        Would that be better than what happened?

        Or worse?

      5. And yet Jim, It actually happened (from another thread):

        “At the Portland shooting, for example, no explanation was given for the amazing fact that the assailant managed to kill only two people in the mall during the busy Christmas season. It turns out, concealed-carry-holder Nick Meli hadn’t noticed that the mall was a gun-free zone. He pointed his (otherwise legal) gun at the shooter as he paused to reload, and the next shot was the attempted mass murderer killing himself. ”

        Now what wisecrack would you like to make?

  6. “Whatever your views on guns, we can all agree: The Newtown, Conn., gunman was a monster…”
    I think Michelle has the Lefty anti-gunners rolling their eyes. They are certain that anyone who owns a gun or supports gun owners rights, is NOT capable of feeling anything for that woman, those children or even the shooter himself.

    The common idea, by the Left, concerning NRA Members and gun owners is that we’re all just one bad hair day away from being the NEXT Adam Lanza.

    I was in a hospital waiting room yesterday reading an NRA Magazine. I didn’t have the cover showing [I usually fold magazines over so there’s less to hold] so he had to read the back of the page to see what mag it was.

    Mr. Blowhard, in a voice best used for a stage drama says, “…I can’t BE-LEIVE anyone would sit IN a HOSPITAL, reading a GUN magazine when the SMELL of blood still HANGS in the AIR!!! AND why would ANYONE want to be IN the NRA ANYWAY?!”

    I started to let this maroon off the hook, but I don’t have that kind of self control. So, using the same kind of HS drama class inflection he used, I told him, “Bud, I AM an NRA Member, I have NUMEROUS guns, I have a GUN in the trunk of my CAR because I’m not allowed to have it IN the HOSPITAL, but I could leave the SMELL of YOUR BLOOD in the air of YOU keep giving me a HARD time!”

    He ‘harrumpfed’ and walked away. He was wearing combat boots, digital camo pants, and an Occupy NC T-Shirt. So it’s OK to destroy property and advocate for the total overthrow of the country, you just can’t use a GUN.

    1. Occupy use guns? No, they use bombs, arson, knives, rocks, bottles, and 2″ dowels, the weapon of choice.

      There was a great video of them advancing on the cops using a sheet of corrugated metal and a shield wall with shields made from plastic trash cans cut in half like out of 300. Mostly peaceful of course.

  7. While I’m not big on legislative solutions, how about a law that all ‘gun-free zones’ are required to provide armed security (with recent proficiency testing) for every hundred people or so many sq. m. of zone?

  8. The Left has always been a collection of scum (what kind of people would you expect to be drawn to a political philsophy based on power, coercion and legalized looting?) but the Hive does seem to be getting scummier and scummier with each passing year. Or maybe it’s the Red Diaper Baby being in the White House that makes them feel that now is the time to drop the peace-love stuff and show the iron fist under the velvet glove.

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