4 thoughts on “Curbing Gun Violence”

  1. A good sound bite for the gun ban crowd is, “I’m sure a gun ban will work at least as well as the war on drugs.” For many of those against us, a sound bite is all the time you have to get your point across. The vast majority will not reason or don’t have the attention span for coherent discussion.

  2. Something like 18 states now allow some form of marijuana possession. I think this is an issue that will eventually get resolved in favor of a degree of legalization at the federal level. It probably won’t be a clean division. Some commonly used drugs will remain illegal and they probably won’t let nasty business sell or market (in a straightforward manner) marijuana and any other recreational drugs that get legalized.

  3. Yeah it’s WAY too easy to legalize the currently illegal drugs, stop paying billions of our tax dollars into the WAR on Drugs, stop the kinds of gun play, collusion and political posturing that marked every Jimmy Cagney bootlegging gangster movie ever made.

    The other thing that no one ever considers on legalizing drugs is that it’s easier for a 6th grader to get crack and crystal meth than it is to get a beer.

    I’d prefer they could get neither, but I’m not a politician seeking re-erection.

  4. Make marijuana legal for everyone who possesses a CCP and passes a safety class.

    (There should be a certification “Competent gun owner” similar to lifeguarding / first aid / CPR, etc. sponsored by the NRA or someone similar.)

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